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Friday, May 9, 2014

Book Review & Guest Post: I’m dangerous… I’m Not Gonna Lie by Erin Smith

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book, free of charge, from Sourcebooks, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

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Looking for that perfectly funny, yet endearing Mother's Day gift?

Have it!

If it looks familiar, it's because it was part of our special Mother's Day 4 book giveaway!

From Erin Smith-a hip, irreverent visual artist with a nationally distributed gift line and a unique, pitch-perfect look-comes a mash-up of art, essays, and laugh-out-loud observations designed to find humor in the everyday mundane. Includes hilarious make-your-day quotes like:
"The super girl cape is in the laundry...you'll just have to take my word for it." 
"I'm so damn happy it's like discovering blue cheese olives all over again." 
"As much as I try to be an easygoing, stretch-your-wings–and-fly type, I just can't stop trying to burst people into flames with my mind."

 Know those Poise commercials for their new products? You're gonna need LOTS of them while reading this book, or your mother will, because you will be laughing SO hard, you WILL pee your pants, guaranteed! I have always loved Erin's snarky, sarcastic wit on her cards and napkins, etc, and this book is like a bible of her prose! you will find yourself wanting to get a copy for every mother you know, friends and family alike! I love the 2 samples I've included, there are many many more in the book, but I want YOU to go buy the book  (yes, NOW) and share it with your super friends and family members and realize there is someone who 'gets' you and totally understands! 

It's the PERFECT Mother's Day gift!

So what are you waiting for? Oh right,  Erin's Guest Post!

(you know, proof of how much we love her, and how much you need this book!)

From the hands of Babes
I don't think my boys have ever actually 'gotten' me anything for Mother's Day. They're still young, well, 10 and 12...so it's not like they're heading off to The Mall and buying some prebasketed gift crap. They usually make some cards, some paper flowers...you know. Basically whatever their father can guilt them into taking 5 minutes out of their busy schedules to shlep together. 

I am an artist and there are a lot of outdoor art festivals in my children's pasts. They don't get dragged to as many as they used to, as they're old enough to stay home by themselves for pretty long periods of time. They tend to be very responsible, as in, their phones are always charged and turned on, and they'll call me to ask if they can have a cookie or finish off the sesame sticks. 


The last weekend in April every year is a huge art festival not far from my neighborhood here in Atlanta. Well, last weekend they hemmed and hawed when I made them hang out for about 7 hours while I was working the festival crowd. Overall I'd say they did a pretty good job, and I trust them (and I guess 60,000 strangers enough) to let them roam around on their own for most of the day. I gave them each $20 and when they'd occasionally stroll back, they'd have frozen lemonade or ice cream and then disappear again. 

I travel frequently as well, and I'm going to be out of town for Mother's Day. You cannot imagine my surprise yesterday as they presented me with a gift bag and announced an early MDay gift! As I peeled back the layers of paper and packaging to reveal the wondrous gift inside I have to admit I was speechless. They excitedly explained in detail how the artist they purchased it from at the festival told them they had made an excellent selection, as the frosted glass in this particular bottle really showed off the candle light. They immediately wanted me to go outside and hang it on the deck with the other various candle sconces I've accumulated out there.

They were so proud. As a parent, this was a moment of choice. Should I be alarmed by my children's choice they thought was so perfect for me?...or am I reading too much into their spectacular purchase?

grey goose candle gift

They did this all by themselves. For me. For Mother's Day. I smiled and hugged them and told them it couldn't be any more, well....perfect. 

Happy Mother's Day!

About the Author:
(in her own words)

Erin lives in Atlanta, where she tries to balance all of the hats that a mom typically has to wear. Mom, wife, housekeeper, dogwalker, personal shopper, servant, school chaperone, every weekend birthday party present buyer, landscaper, tutor, chef...(i could go on and on, but you know what i'm talking about). It's really difficult to NOT be a complete bitch... right? Erin has managed to find an outlet for her mouth in her art.

Ah yes..the art. Since idle hands lead to trouble, and Erin didn't have ENOUGH to do..in 2007 she took her show on the road and now supplies close to 1,000 galleries and retail shops across the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand with "sassy" artwork.  In 2008 she debuted her greeting card line... and they're hotter' n Georgia asphalt !

Ok, NOW go buy the book!

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