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Monday, May 5, 2014

Book Review: Under a Silent Moon by:Elizabeth Haynes

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We've reviewed Elizabeth's books before, but this book is the beginning of a NEW series for her!

Under a Silent Moon cover

P. D. James meets E. L. James in Under a Silent Moon, this first novel in an exciting British crime series; a blend of literary suspense and page-turning thriller that introduces formidable Detective Chief Inspector Louisa Smith; from suspense talent Elizabeth Haynes, author of the bestselling Into the Darkest Corner.

In the crisp, early hours of an autumn morning, the police are called to investigate two deaths. The first is a suspected murder at a farm on the outskirts of a small village. A beautiful young woman has been found dead, her cottage drenched with blood. The second is a reported suicide at a nearby quarry. A car with a woman's body inside was found at the bottom of the pit. As DI Louisa Smith and her team gather evidence, they discover a shocking link between the two cases and the two deaths; a bond that sealed their terrible fates one cold night, under a silent moon.

In Under a Silent Moon, Elizabeth Haynes interweaves fictional primary source materials; police reports, phone messages, interviews and multiple character viewpoints to create a sexy, edgy, and compulsively readable tale of murder, mystery, and unsettling suspense.


Loved, loved, loved this book, so much I could NOT put it down and ended up finishing it at 330 in the morning! Haynes knows her way around a story line and this new series is no exception, in fact, I think it surpasses her other books! the secret is really in the details in this book, as Haynes used her prior experience as a police intelligence analyst, to form the basis of the book, and to give it it's realistic edge. You read it and feel like you are there in the moment, and can see the reality series in your head! The reader gets caught up in details and Haynes does and excellent job in getting you to miss the forest for the trees, so to speak. Leading  you down one alley of thought, and getting you so caught up, you miss the other alley. 

I liked how she included the actual police forms, to give you the full scope of the case, but as an older reader, I would have liked them to be in the SAME font size, not much smaller! By 3/4 of the book they were just a bit much to read, and they were a bit of a distraction! I loved all the characters and would  gladly read more books in the series.Be sure to pick this new book up, it's perfect for reading by the pool/on the beach! 

About the Author:

Elizabeth Haynes is a police intelligence analyst. She started writing fiction in 2006 with the annual challenge of National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) and the encouragement of the creative writing courses at West Dean College. She lives in a village near Maidstone, Kent, with her husband and son. Into the Darkest Corner is her first novel. Visit her website for more..

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