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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Giveaway: Burton the Scarecrow Children's Books by V.A. Boeholt

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this giveaway, free of charge, from 5 Star Publications, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

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Today I have a great new series of children's books to introduce you to,
and to share a giveaway of with you too!

burton the scarecrow

Lifelong educator and storyteller V.A. Boeholt has created a world of discovery for young readers that enrich their minds with endearing lessons about friendship, problem-solving and character building. Boeholt’s engaging stories introduce children not only to concepts like counting, sequencing and vocabulary building, but also to ideals like humility, gratitude, service and problem-solving. Featuring the delightful illustrations of acclaimed artist Nathaniel P. Jensen, each story provides a unique opportunity for parents and teachers to apply life-shaping principles at home or in the classroom, setting the stage for character development in an enjoyable, memorable way.

Check out more about the books and the author:

The books in the series are:

Burton the Kind Scarecrow
Whether he’s protecting Farmer Green’s crops or helping his friends, Burton the Scarecrow sets an example of kindness and commitment that will help young readers develop these strengths within themselves. 

Burton's Friendship Garden
How does a garden grow? With a little love, some helping hands, and a lot of hard work! When Farmer Green is injured during spring planting season, Burton and his nearby bird and animal friends find a heartwarming solution to the farmer’s problem.

Burton’s Harvest Party
With Grandma Green away judging the State Quilting Contest, it’s up to Farmer Green and his grandchildren to decorate for the fall harvest celebration.With help from Burton the Scarecrow and his barnyard friends, Farmer Green and the children host one humdinger of a harvest party! 

Burton and the Christmas Tree
When Firry, a proud Douglas fir, is damaged and discarded on his way to the tree lot, he soon learns that being first rate means much more than being the finest tree in the field. Rescued and repaired by Burton the Scarecrow and his little woodland friends, Firry discovers the true feeling of Christmas.

Burton Helps Dixie Duck
Dixie Duck has always wanted a family, but she doesn’t like all the commotion in Farmer Green’s fowl yard! Deciding to nest by the nearby creek, Dixie lays seven beautiful eggs in a pile of soft dirt. When she returns from sharing her good news, Dixie discovers that her precious eggs are missing! When Burton the Scarecrow comes to help her find them, Dixie learns an important life lesson about cooperation, friendship and the value of companionship.

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 Teaching by example, Boeholt has become a Giving Partner with Feed The Children
helping nurture children and families in need of food, education, essentials and disaster relief.
If you are looking for a gift that gives back, please check them out!
Boeholt is also giving back, with her fundraising program, that is ideal for a variety of organizations needing to fund raise – from scouting troops to PTAs to reading groups, schools and local libraries.
burton the scarecrow fundraising

By selling the Burton the Scarecrow books, your group makes a considerable profit on each one sold! It's a win win situation for everyone involved! Check out the downloadable fundraising kit for more info!

burtonthe scarecrow book series

 One BTHM reader will win ALL 5 books in the series!


  1. Pick only one? Not possible. Growing up on a Kansas farm, I was very familiar with the story/movie of the Wizard of Oz and the kindly scarecrow has always been my favorite character. I adore the scarecrow puppet in the video.

  2. Burton and the Christmas Tree looks great to my daughter - but Christmas themed things are always her favorite!

  3. Burton Helps Dixie Duck looks pretty good. I like the lesson behind it.

  4. Everything good always starts with a little kindness so my choice would be the Burton the Kind Scarecrow. I would like to read that one first. Thanks 4 sharing and 4 caring~!

  5. I think it would be he friendship garden. Great books for learning about important things in life at an early age.

  6. I think my grandson would enjoy all the books. I think his favorite would be Burton's Friendship Garden!

  7. Friendship Garden would be good!

  8. I like Burton the Kind Scarecrow. I think kindness and commitment are two things kids need to learn about and develop.
    marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com


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