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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nectar Sunglasses Have YOUR Dad Covered This Summer! (discount code)

MTADisclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from nectar, via  MTA, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

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Meet your next sunglass company, with products that are perfect for being 
out on the water and snow!

Making them perfect for the coolest, sportiest, dad you know!

nectar logo

Nectar supplies hip shades and is in the business of enjoying life. The brand launched with the intention of capturing the essence of living life to the fullest: promoting doing what you love and loving what you do, daring to go where no else will. Their concept is simple - connect a diverse network of individuals with a common thread - to enjoy life more. Nectar's goal is to spread the sweet life with their unique mix of advertising, personalities, athletes and products. Their customers are a diverse community, seeking happiness in life and sharing it with others, through lifestyles and social media.

Nectar was founded in 2011, in a small apartment, by two friends who grew up surfing, skating, snowboarding and causing trouble around town together. Our popularity has increased due to the unique branding style and deep connection to our demographic. The company distributes its products domestically and worldwide. 
nectar bungalow sunglasses

I chose the Bungalow shades to review-check out their description:

We took the forest and the mountains, and channeled them into a pair of shades, These are for the adventurers. The nomads. The misfits. These are for those that sport the metatorical middle finger on their foreheads and frown at conformists. These are for the bold. Are they for you? 

You have to laugh at that don't you?

The shades are made of a lightweight polycarbonate frame that is specifically designed for maximum comfort and to take a beating and to be VERY durable.The optimum impact resistant frame also boasts an insane amount of style! AND due to it's flexible thermoplastic memory, won't stretch out! The shade have scratch resistant film over the glare reducing polarized lenses, to not only help reduce the blinding effects of eyestrain on water and snow, but reduce scratching! You gotta love that! The frames boast a dual integrated ball; and hinge joint, for simple and sturdy use and customization,  They also come with a nice little Nectar microfiber poiuch to keep them safe and a Nectar sticker to declare your independent nature of coolness!

bungalow collage

As you can see these shades are DARK. As in do NOT wear them inside, you might walk into hard objects you can't see! Seriously- Miss Grace put them on and said 'Whoa" and put her hand out to balance her self! Course she also had to pose for a picture, but that's a girl thing...LOL But put them on outside in the blinding sunlight and their full use is readily apparent! It's hard to show how well the glasses work, but as you can see above- it was very bright outside. Once you put the shades on, the brightness is drastically reduced and you have a clean line of sight, They cover ALL of your eye area, which really helps with eye strain. In fact I found myself having to move them a bit while driving, as they limited by side vision a tad at the outer corners, as far as say seeing cars coming at an intersection, without turning my head.  I found driving over water they truly cut the glare down completely, and I can see where they would be brilliant for being out on the water! My only wish is that they came with a bit sturdier case, but I have extra, so I just swapped them to one I already had.

Nectar has over 30 pairs of regular sunglasses like Mahalo (my second fav pick)


And they have over 12 choices with polarized lenses like Apollo:

and they have a Fusion series of polarized sunglasses, where you can swap out lens and arms to create an unique pair of sunglasses that is fashionable YOU!

and they have a line of didymium lenses for glass blowing and lamp working artists needing lightweight FULL coverage lens with complete shading (NOT for casual wearers, can only be used around intense flame). 

So as you see, Nectar has shades for EVERY dad (and mom!), so check them out and
increase YOUR dad's coolness this Father's Day!

So what are you waiting for? 
Head on over to Nectar and purchase a pair of sunglasses for 10% off using code lovenectar
that show the world how much your Dad (or YOU) enjoys the world!

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