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Monday, May 12, 2014

Spiderman to the Rescue- to Get Your Kids Brushing Their Teeth- Giveaway

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this giveaway, free of charge, from Firefly, ,via Light Years Ahead PR , for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

And speaking of kids.....

Both big and little were thrilled this week when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out!

Have you seen it yet? We haven't, but I've got a super duper giveaway for you!

And Spider-man was a Comic Book before he was a movie, so today's giveaway is
pretty applicable to our week's theme!

spider-man 2 pix

Spider-man is not only cleaning up the streets, but also cleaning kids teeth with NEW Spider-man products from Firefly, an oral care company who wants to make brushing fun for kids!

firefly logo

Firefly is the maker of the iconic light-up toothbrush that uses fun to motivate kids to brush longer and better,
and which we've shared with you here on BTHM before!

In keeping with the new movie, they have a Spider-man themed set, that  will make not only make kids happy, but parents as well (just tell Dad he can't use the kid's Spider-Man toothpaste!)!

Meet the Spider-Man Ready Go Light Up Toothbrush:

Spider-Man Ready Go Light Up Toothbrush

This fun toothbrush mimics the cycle of a traffic light to let kids know how long to brush.  For the first 30 seconds, the light flashes green for “go.”  Then, the light changes to yellow and finally to red for “stop.” You do have to repeat the cycle, one per row of teeth, in order to get the full 2 minutes of recommended brushing! The brush also features a Spider-man themed sculpted handle with soft bristles and a suction cup bottom, so it will stay in place on your counter top!

And brand new to the Firefly line up, meet the Firefly Spider-man Tooth Foam:

firefly Spider-Man Tooth foam

This Spider-Man Firefly Fluoride Foam Toothpaste makes brushing fun and is less messy than normal toothpaste. No more globs of toothpaste in the sink, when the kids twist their toothbrushes on the way to their mouth! This foam is simply squirted into your mouth and then you brush! Kids love the fun factor of squirting it into their mouth and it's tasty bubblegum flavor!

Getting kids to enjoy brushing their teeth is half the battle of making sure that they do brush! With these cool Firefly products, Kids will be clamoring to brush! You can check out all the Firefly Spider-man themed products on their website! They have mouthwash and tooth brushes for older kids too!

They also have other themed products, in case your kid isn't into The Amazing Spider-Man!


 1 Lucky BTHM Spiderman fan will win a Firefly Spiderman Gift Set!

Firefly Spiderman set: 
1 Spiderman Ready Go Toothbrush and 1 Spiderman Fluoride Foam Toothpaste

Ready to win?

Thanks for reading this post and entering the giveaway!


  1. I use a sand timer for my kids.

  2. I sing a song like Happy birthday

  3. Oh my kid is weird. He likes to brush he teeth, so I have no problem with him at all. But he love "i-der maaaan" :)

  4. I dont have any tricks but i know when i send them in to brush and if they come out too quick,then back they go :}

  5. We play who can brush with music. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. I say do it until I stop singing. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't

  7. I have them do a contest to see who can brush longer!

  8. We have a cd player with a timer and I set it for 2 minutes!

  9. I just set a kitchen timer, it seems to do the trick.

  10. We have a timer that we use.

  11. My daughter likes to hum which seems to help her!

  12. I play a song of their choice and they brush to it till it is done.

  13. we used to have firefly toothbrushes and the kids loved them. right now our boys take turns singing a song while the other brushes.

  14. I watch the clock and sing a song for him!


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