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Monday, June 9, 2014

Children's Book Review and Giveaway: I Love You All the Same by Donna Keith, Illus. by Allison Edgson

And now for the most adorable book we've reviewed this year!

Three adorable bear cubs learn that even though they are very different, Mama and Papa love them all the same!
This humorous, rhyming story features three bear siblings who are very different: they don’t look the same or sound the same or eat the same. Brown Bear only wants honey; Polar Bear craves fish; and little Panda Bear snacks only on bamboo shoots. When playing hide-and-seek in the snow, Polar Bear always wins. And little Polar and Panda are always bored while Brown Bear is hibernating. How could they get along in a family when they are so, so different? With gentleness and love, Mama Bear and Papa Bear assure their cubs that even though they are different, they are loved the same, and God put them in the same family for a purpose.

I Love You All the Same sample 2

Darling illustrations by Alison Edgson (An Easter Prayer, 2012) add even more sweetness to this comforting message. The book is also a great resource for adoptive families who want to assure their children that whether biological or adopted, each of them is incredibly loved.

I Love You All the Same sample 1


This is a padded board book, and aimed at ages 1-4, though you might find yourself wanting to use it for older kids as well! The book is perfect for those with adoptive or foster children, as it talks about differences among children (as might happen when you have different races in one family), yet how they were all placed BY GOD together, to be a family! Most adoption books are not taken from a Christian angle, so this is a great way of explaining to young children especially, how it was God's plan for them to be together, no matter how it came to pass. It also serves as a wonderful way to introduce new siblings in a blended family, or for the arrival of new siblings via birth, or adoption! And as you can see, the illustrations are absolutely adorable!  It would be an adorable baby shower present as well, for both the new adoptive parents and for older siblings! I can't highly recommend it enough!

About the Author:

Donna Keith, a former English teacher, began writing stories for her grandchildren after the birth of her fourth grandchild. Her daughter Audrey’s interracial family served as the inspiration for I Love You All the Same. Donna and her husband, Lee, live in Kansas City, Missouri.

About the Illustrator:

Award-winning illustrator Alison Edgson was born in Northern Ireland and now lives with her husband in an old chapel in Wales.Check out her website for more info!


Want to win your own copy of this adorable book?

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