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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Boiron Homepathic Products are YOUR Summer First Aid Essential (Product Review and Giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, free of charge, from Boiron, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them.

What does your Summer first aid kit look like?

Thanks to Boiron, mine is healthier than ever!

boiron first aid pix

Boiron's multi-purpose medicines, Arnicare and Calendula,  are available in easy-to-apply topical forms such as gel, cream, lotion or ointment. The moisturizing creams and lotions are best for children and more sensitive skin. The gels are refreshing and quickly absorbed. The ointments remain on the skin longer and are best for conditions that take longer to heal like sprains and chapped hands. 

Let me share how these two great products are, and how you can use them. 

calendula cream
1. SunburnThe Summer sun (remember, UV worse from 8-10 and 2-4), can turn exposed skin tender and red even with precautions like sunscreen or a hat, especially if you are on the water!  Calendula Cream or Lotion, made from Calendula officinalis, a Garden marigold, can help moisturize while healing sensitive burned skin, it doesn't just treat the symptoms! And it has a great cooling effect! The cream is also great to relieve cracked skin on heels and elbows, which can get dried out from all that time on the beach!
arnicare gel
2. Muscle Aches- Whether you play baseball, ride your bike, or swim laps, count on non-greasy Arnicare Gel to relieve your muscle pain. It made from Arnica montana, a Mountain daisy, and absorbs quickly into the skin and provides cool, soothing relief, no matter what you've done to your body! It is perfect to have with you on vacation, because we tend to be a lot more active on vacation, exposing ourselves to more aches and pains! I used this on vacation when I sprained a foot and within hours the pain had eased and I was able to get back to enjoying our time on the beach!

calendula cream
3. Blisters & Small burns

If a blister should arise from wearing new sandals, do not pierce it. This exposes the skin to infection. Most blisters heal naturally, but for a speedier recovery, apply Calendula Ointment to the blister after cleansing the area, and cover it with a Band-Aid. It will help speed the healing and help keep the skin from itching so much! Applying ointment to the area before sliding on those new sandals helps keep the skin supple and lubricated, therefore reducing the risk of getting blisters in the first place!.
Small burns that occur around the grill or outdoor fireplace, may need more time to heal than a minor sunburn. When you get a burn, you should immediately place the skin under cold water for two minutes, to reduce damage to the tissues and the pain. Then apply Calendula Ointment, because it adheres to the skin longer for prolonged healing.
calendula gel

4. Bug Bites- Calendula Gel can provide cool and soothing relief from stinging skin irritations. Apply a thin layer to the area where the bite or sting occurred three times a day or as needed.
arnica cream

5. Bumps and bruises- Arnicare Gel can relieve bumps and bruises caused by gardening, hiking or running. Use the cream on sensitive areas such as the face, but never on an open wound. Also, women, and children (Like Miss Grace) who bruise easily will appreciate the cream can reduce unsightly bruise discolorations on exposed legs and arms while providing a moisturizing effect. It works amazingly at reducing the time frame of a bruise too- we've found by at least half! 

single medicine boiron collage

They also have some single medicines that you take orally that can help control symptoms and aid in healing. They are great because you can give them to child over the age of 2! The bottles are so slim, you can slide them into a small purse and always have them handy! Here's some to consider for Summer/ Vacation :

  • Apis - Honey Bee- for Allergies, a natural way to control seasonal allergies
  • Cocculus indicus- Indian Cockle- for motion sickness- especially in the car or on a boat! 
  • Nux - Poison Nut- for Overindulgence- and you know in Summer time and on vacation, this is gonna happen! It's super for heartburn and gas!
  • Ledum - Wild Rosemary- for Insect bites- I got attacked bit by mosquitoes and I took the Ledum, with the Urtica,  for 2 days and not only did the itching stop, but the bites healed quickly and without any scarring (from where I first itched them, before I realized I hadn't gotten bit!
  • Urtica - Dwarf Nettlefor Itchy skin- besides for bites, I found taking it when I was having an unknown reaction (makeup, face cream, facial cleaner, soap?), helped to stop the itchy, that was making it worse. I love being able to use a natural product to solve the problem!

  • So as you can see, the line of Boiron natural products is perfect for all your Summer time first aid issues! I love being able to use natural products on Miss Grace- the less man made products I put on her, the better for her overall health and future health!

    Boiron Arnicare wants to give you a healthy adventure too:

    boiron contest logo

    Searching for a fun-filled family vacation this summer? Or maybe a more romantic getaway for two? Look no further—your Arnicare adventure awaits! All you have to do it submit an entry form in our “Your Arnicare Adventure” Sweepstakes for your chance to win a trip for four to the Grand Canyon or for two on a Caribbean cruise! One winner will be also selected each week to receive a gift pack filled with our most popular Arnicare products and merchandise. This exciting #GoWithArnicare sweepstakes runs through July 31, 2014. No purchase is necessary to enter. One entry per person per day.

    boiron products giveaway

    How about a package giveaway as well?
    One lucky BTHM reader will win a pack with the SAME Boiron products (pictured above) that I reviewed!

    Be sure to check out the Boiron website for special coupons, like $2 off Calendula Cream! Plus you can download the medicine finder app, that will help you determined which of the homeopathic medicine you need for your symptoms/issue!


    1. I have never used these products before but they look and sound very helpful. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

    2. I use ColdCalm a lot but I also have quite a few other tablets and pellets on hand that I also use.

    3. I have used their cough syrup for adults, children as well as their tubes for teething to babies.

    4. I have used Oscillio, Cold Calm and Chestal.

    5. i have not tried but i am looking forward to trying Urtica


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