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Friday, July 18, 2014

Book Review: Toxic Staple by Anne Sarkisian

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book,  free of charge, from Netgalley, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Since we're talking about Gluten Free today, 
I wanted to share this VERY IMPORTANT book with you!

toxic staple cover


How Gluten May Be Wrecking Your Health - And What You Can Do about It! 

Sick and tired of being Sick and Tired? Gluten may be the culprit. 

TOXIC STAPLE exposes how the devastating effects of gluten reach far beyond celiac disease. Over 300 symptoms and maladies are linked to this insidious protein, from allergies, arthritis, asthma, autoimmune disease, cancer, depression, fatigue, gut or memory issues, migraines, osteoporosis, reflux. . . to zits. 

Read Toxic Staple and you will :
 • Learn to recognize how gluten could be affecting your health 
• Discover the revolutionary health benefits of a gluten-free lifestyle
 • Find hope in the inspirational stories of real people - substantiated by nearly 600 scientific studies from around the world • Get the scoop on cutting-edge and traditional tests 
• Become empowered to change your health and life 


In my own personal circle, I have been surprised by how many moms were the first to think, and then search out info on Gluten sensitivity and how it could be causing other issues that their children were having. Down to the last person, NONE of their doctors wanted to test for it, until AFTER the mother's all made an issue of it and demanded it. Amazingly, all had major allergies to Gluten and once it was removed from their diet, serious issues (like turning purple due to a non-existent cardiac episode) suddenly disappeared. There is truth in the Doctor Mom myth, especially with all the access we have nowadays via the internet. The author had a similar episode- it started with a family member and then they started branching out and discovered many members had a Gluten allergy or sensitivity, that was causing major complications, that mimicked other issues.

The author relates her family's personal stories and then she gets into her research, and with every medical problem, she shares additional research to back up her theories. All her findings are easy to understand, yet have enough documentation behind them, to make your doctor happy, when providing the info to them! It is amazing to me how many diseases are based on inflammation, and how sensitivity or allergy to gluten, can actually start off the body's natural defenses and keep them too busy to fight other issues, or cause more issues, that lead to the diseases! The simple correlation of gluten being toxic to our bodies is easily seen by the reader.

She also makes a great reasoning for how the American diet has changed thanks to processed foods, and how we have added more and more gluten to our diets, frequently without knowing (who knew kid's paint had gluten in it?). This in turn is causing the sensitivies that were not there even 2 generations ago. I for one can understand this- when we put Miss Grace on the Remineralizing/Gluten-Free diet, it was amazing to see how her body reacted and how even she understood HOW much better she felt without it. But it is SO prevalent, you may think you're eating gluten free when you're not. For example, Barley Malt is another name for gluten! Yet one would not expect that. She gives you a great chapter in locating gluten on labels, and helping you see what you can eat, say at a restaurant (along with tips for getting dishes especially made gluten free by asking nicely).

If you have medical issues that aren't getting resolved, or if you wonder if you and/or you kids are gluten sensitive/allergic, check out this book! It will help to understand how the reaction occurs, how to test for it, how to understand the tests, and the steps you need to take if you are! I highly recommend this book as a must read for ALL parents! It will change how you view the food products on the shelves and what you buy for your family!

About the Author:

Driven by the lack of adequate knowledge among medical and healthcare professionals about the complexities of gluten sensitivity, Anne Sarkisian has become an ardent advocate for Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance (CD/GI).  A graduate of the University of New Hampshire, she was an elementary teacher before having her own family and delving into the arts. As a member of the Clever Hand Gallery,an artisan’s cooperative in Wellesley, Mass., Sarkisian is a fiber artist and jewelry designer who spontaneously creates hand-painted silk scarves and designs jewelry using gemstones, or silk and fancy papers adorned with old buttons, beads, and wire. She has.three daughters and four grandchildren, and  lives in New Hampshire with her husband. Check out her website for more info!

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