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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#Kohls101 is YOUR Source for EVERYTHING Back to School!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, free of charge, from the Office Max and Kohl's , for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them,

If you have a child in public or private school, the one place you might NOT think about for everything on your back to school shopping list is Kohl's!

kohls logo

I recently got to check out the new line of uniform items and back to school supplies, from Kohl's new partnership with Office Max (!!), that can literally make Kohl's your one stop shop!

office max logo

Miss Grace and I set off last week to our nearest Kohl's. She wears uniform pinafore, with school plaid, so I knew that Kohl's would not have them, but I was hoping to be able to find uniform shirts, a sweater, maybe a jacket, uniform socks and shoes, and a new lunch bag! 

I have to admit I was pretty stunned by the AMOUNT of school uniforms that were available!

school uniforms at kohls

For young boys and girls, and teens, Kohl;s had great school uniform choices from Chaps, a name you can trust on for quality items! They had woven shirts in white, light blue, navy, red and black. Pants and shorts in khaki, navy and black. Sweaters in navy,and white, and even solid pinafores in khaki and navy! 

Our hurrah moment was finding cotton woven Peter Pan collared school shirts with a cute ruffle pleat down the front, and button openings on the sleeves on SALE for ONLY $12.99! Literally this is the cheapest I have found QUALITY uniform shirts for Miss Grace since she has been in school! They are a nice mid weight, hang beautifully and she LOVED how fashionable they were with their puff sleeves! I love that they will be easy to iron (priorities you know?). But she is on a growing spree, so I decided to get a couple of the next size up, because I have a feeling she will need them by Christmas break! And you know how hard it is to find uniform shirts mid school season! And the 40% off sale was just insane!

kohls haul

We also found a great mid weight hooded cable knit sweater from Chaps, that is just a tad long on Miss Grace, which means it might make it through the whole school year! She loves how it buttons up the front with large buttons, I love that it has NO zipper, so no change of a broken zipper ruining a school sweater!  I love that Chaps oversized the sweaters, so they can easily fit over multiple layers of uniform items! I was also able to get one pack of shorts for under her skirts, as that was all they had left! Those were another item, that I had to order, to get more of! Apparently our store got mobbed as soon as the uniforms got put out and the sale started! 

We hunted for new school shoes, but unfortunately they were out of her size in the store, but all was ok, as I was able to order them right there, IN the store, and take advantage of the ongoing sale and by using a special FREE shipping code available to Kohl's card members, they came out cheaper than going to my local national shoe chain! Yeah! Miss Grace is thrilled as she likes the sportiness of the shoes, while I like the classic Mary Jane look!
black mary janes

Miss Grace also informed me she needed new socks- like I wasn't aware her foot had grown a size and almost a half since March! So we found some great crew cuffs and pretty lace edged socks, all from Sonoma, another brand we know for quality products! I hate spending a fortune on back to school items like socks (which are cheaply made) and they only last 2-3 months, you know? These socks are nice and mid weight, perfect for starting school and going into the early winter months. We had a debate on knee-highs versus tights, mainly because I cringed at seeing white tights packaged with black ones, as I know my Princess Tom Boy- those white tights will only be white for about a month before Mr. Bleach gives up on them! So we'll be deciding that one this week and going back while they still have their 'buy one, get one half off' sale going on!

I also took advantage of that sale for new undershirts and underwear. Miss Grace is in the land between little girl and big girl.She wants pretty, but she wants uber comfortable as well (aka NO wedgies). As she's gone from a size 6 to an 8 (!!!!) over the Summer, I knew we would have a battle finding new under things. Nope. She came around the corner, saw that bright colorful display of 9 packs of Sonoma underwear with DAYS OF THE WEEK and cute animals and she was SOLD! Mom got to breath a sigh of relief and she loves her 'big girl' styled underwear! Plus all the adults got to reminisce about days of the week underwear (did you ever wear Saturday during the week, cause laundry hadn't gotten done? That was pretty much unanimous!). We also scored with the undershirts- Miss Grace hates the ones with the skinny straps, as she is too much on the go. But we found some great boy styled slim fit silky undershirts with just a touch of lace, that she adored! 

kohls frozen items

Woo Hoo! It was so great to NOT have any arguments while back to school clothes shopping! I even granted her a bonus t-shirt from the Koh's Frozen collection (which also happened to be 40% off- woot!) for being so great! All of the shirts would be great for those going back to school that don't have to wear uniform shirts! They also have dresses, underwear, bedding, jewelry and lunch items in the Frozen collection!  Miss Grace however found the Wildkin Horses Lunch Box and was sold! Pink, horses, more horses! LOL They also have backpacks too!

But the best part was being able to bring the school supply list (it's now a WHOLE page!) to Kohl’s,and to check out the school products from their new partnership with Office Max! Kohl's was kind enough to put the displays right in the middle of the kid's aisles, so it was even easier to find them!

office max school supplies

 Offering school supplies is brand new this year to Kohl's and is offered in store only. We didn't do too bad, being able to get all the writing implements she needed, along with her journals. Unfortunately they didn't have the plastic folders or wide ruled paper, so we'll have to check back to see if they get them in (as the display was brand new the day we walked in!). but it was such a great feeling to know that literally 3/4 of the back to school shopping is DONE! 

Did you know you could also buy music instruments online through Kohl's as well too? You can!  Plus you can outfit your child's dorm room from top to bottom, including a coffee pot/toaster oven! Yup- Kohl's has TRULY become you one stop Back to School shop for quality, LONG lasting products, that you will love and your kids will adore for their modern, hip and fashionable looks!

So find your nearest Kohl's and head on over to see if YOU can finish your back to school shopping list too!

And be sure to stay tuned, as Kohl's will be one of our primary sponsors for our Back to School meme next month, with a $100 gift card giveaway!!!

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