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Monday, July 28, 2014

Rescue OrnamenTrap is YOUR Solution to Pesky Summer Pests like Flies!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from Rescue! , for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Back at the beginning of Summer, I shared about the great new
Rescue OrnamenTrap for Yellowjackets.

rescue logo

Today, I've got their second OrnamenTrap, for FLIES!
You know, those persistent, pesky pests that can just about
RUIN a Summer BBQ!

rescue fly ornamentrap 1

Just like it's cousin, the OrnamenTrap for Flies is VERY pretty, and can be hung just about anywhere!

You get everything you need in one package as well!

rescue fly ornamentrap 2

You get the decorative container, the hanger, and the insert base, along with the insect trap. All in one easy to put together package! All you need is water!

rescue fly ornamentrap 3

You pull out the bag, that is ALREADY attached to your top, and then just screw it into the base (just make sure you have the right END of the base, otherwise it won't work! LOL). Pull up on the insert and lock it into place. Add your tie to hang, and then follow the directions, for adding the water. 10 minutes later, you're ready to hang! making the package perfect for last minute purchasing, to keep those pesky flies away from where you'll be eating at your party or BBQ! Easy peasy!

The OrnamenTrap Fly Trap can be used whenever hot, humid conditions, or the presence of animals or garbage cause an outdoor fly problem. For us, we have an outside garbage barrel, that always attracts a legion of flies, and since the picnic table and BBQ area is about 15 feet away, guess where those pesky flies go next?

rescue fly ornamentrap 4

Yup! But with this fly trap up, we haven't had a problem since I put it out! And it has helped to keep flies from getting into the screened in porch area (the cat getting OUT, that's another issue that Rescue! can't help with, LOL).

You can buy replaceable inserts, as well, so your fly traps can keep working until you aren't staying outside anymore! Check out the website for your local dealer, or you can purchase them online!

We love the line of Rescue! products and these new OrnamenTraps are perfect for our yard! Check them out and you'll agree too!

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