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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Surviving Your Teenager- Yes YOU Really Can! (book review and giveaway)

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"Sometimes when our children are in the throes of growing up, we get so wrapped up in the drama that we forget who we really and truly are. Yelling, threatening, punishing, and living in turmoil becomes the norm . . . but it doesn't have to be that way. We can be loving, supportive, and encouraging, and still hold the boundaries that are so important while feeling calm and peaceful on the inside." So says Judith Joy, empowerment coach, mom, and author 

No one ever said surviving your teen would be easy; but with Judith Joy's help, it becomes easier. Empower yourself to change your perspective at the roots and live a more positive, stress-free life. Through unique energy exercises and personal empowerment techniques, Surviving Your Teenager prepares you to approach your parenting with patience, love, and good humor. When you are able to bring balance and respect to the relationship you will allow your teen to do the same, and you will find joy you've long been missing.

All of Judith's royalties from this book will be donated to children-related non-profits


The key to surviving your teenager, according to Joy, is to change how you react to all of the crazy stuff your teenager will throw in your path. Hmmmm, maybe I can use that advise now? LOL. Joy has found that you can let go of the ludicrous idea that you can only be as happy as your unhappiest child, if you find the joy that is already within you. "You can look within yourself and make the choice to be happy," Joy shares, "by learning to listen to your intuition and trust what shows up.” In essence, to be your teenagers role model- happy joyful and adjusted.. What you what THEM to be.

Judith uses personal evaluation exercises in each chapter to  show what needs to be done to get the mindset being discussed, how to do it, and the purpose. The book is really more about adjusting YOUR mindset, so that you don't react to all the drama trauma, as you do now. To get all YOUR emotional hurdles behind you, so that when your teen throws some up at you, you can laugh them away, and see the way past them, for both of you. You must first settle yourself, before you can be your teens role model. Successful parents will tell you this is true- if as a parent you are floundering and never consistent, then how can you expect your kids to be that way?

This is a great self- help book, and one that would be perfect to check out before your kids hit their teens!

About the Author:

Judith Joy is an empowerment/ parenting coach, Matrix Energetics-certified practitioner, teacher, mother, and author .With a personal mission to bring “Joy” to the world, Judith shares her vision by giving straightforward discoveries, choices, truths, and encouragement in a heart-centered, sincere, open, and honest way.

Using results from her own quest of self-discovery and study of energy transformation systems, she has taken complicated ideas and made them more digestible, helping parents of teenagers give an emphatic YES! to life. Check out her website and the book's website for more info.


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