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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Book Review: Ice Shear by M.P. Cooley

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book, free of charge, from William Morrow / Harper Collins Publishing, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

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This may not seem like a back to School book, 
but the lead character is a working MOM with a 6 yr old,
dealing with things like overtime and childcare, things all parents can relate to!

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A small town cop’s murder investigation turns deadly when she uncovers a web of politics and drugs linked to an outlaw motorcycle gang in this gripping debut suspense novel for fans of Winter’s Bone, Frozen River, Breaking Bad, and Sons of Anarchy.

As a cop on the night shift in Hopewell Falls, New York, June Lyons drives drunks home and picks up the donuts. A former FBI agent, she ditched the Bureau when her husband died, and now she and her young daughter are back in upstate New York, living with her father, the town’s retired chief of police.

When June discovers a young woman’s body impaled on an ice shear in the frozen Mohawk River, news of the murder spreads fast; the dead girl was the daughter of a powerful local Congresswoman, and her troubled youth kept the gossips busy.

Though June was born and raised in Hopewell Falls, the local police see her as an interloper—resentment that explodes in anger when the FBI arrive and deputize her to work on the murder investigation. But June may not find allies among the Feds. The agent heading the case is someone from her past—someone she isn’t sure she can trust.

As June digs deeper, an already fraught case turns red-hot when it leads to a notorious biker gang and a meth lab hidden in plain sight—and an unmistakable sign that the river murder won’t be the last.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! June has to be the most realistic female police officer I have read! She struggles with working mother's guilt, widow's guilt, daughter's guilt, and every fear police officers have, and keeps on going, JUST like in real life! THAT is what makes this book stands out SO much from the rest of the crowded police procedural field! This book was such as fast read I literally COULD NOT put it down once I started reading it, and read straight thru til I finished it! I was SO surprised to find out it was a debut novel, with all the twists and turns! I can't wait to read more books involving these characters! I'd love to see a series based on them as well, I was casting it in my head as I was reading the book! If you are looking for the next new author to take over this field, Cooley is it!

Be sure to check out the author's Pinterest page for some great idea boards with items that the different characters in the book have/use- it's a GREAT way to learn more about the books' characters, and how the author's mind picked out places and items for the book!

About the Author:

M.P Cooley grew up in upstate New York, living in both Auburn and Albany. She attended Barnard College and worked in publishing for over a decade, specializing in business books. She currently lives in Campbell, California. Ice Shear is her first novel, and will be released by William Morrow in July 2014.

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