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Monday, August 11, 2014

Music Monday: Deck Speaker Will Have YOUR Party Rockin! (Product Review and Giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from Sol Republic,, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

back to school button

Has YOUR party already started?

Getting ready to?

I've got today and tomorrow before mine can start-

Yup that's right- da kid will be BACK in school! 

Holler! I will have FREE time back again (especially since they added 10 more minutes to the school day- shhhh don't tell the kid!) to listen to music that is NOT kid friendly and watch movies that are rated higher than PG-13! WOOT!

So when I decide to dance around the house (don't laugh, you KNOW you're already planning your first week- do NOT lie!), I now have practical surround sound, thanks to a nifty new bluetooth external speaker called DECK from Sol Republic!

DECK in red

What is the DECK?

It's a wireless bluetooth speaker, with unprecedented range and versatility. It fuses the sound and style of SOL REPUBLIC (whose products you know, we LOVE), to the cutting edge technology of Motorola. Powered by 360° full sound, you can listen to your music with friends from anywhere in the room. Roam the party and still play your songs with Super-Power Wireless that gives you up to 300 feet of freedom. Plus, with Heist Mode, up to five people can pair at once and take turns controlling the music. Now, you can share your latest great music find, stop your friends from playing bad tunes or transform the party from a barely G rated sing a long to a Hair Band reunion rock out- no kids allowed!

When you open the box, you'll know you're getting more than JUST an external speaker:


You get a slick carrying case,  power cord attachment, USB cord attachment, quick user guide, full instructions and even a stereo in-jack, for those of you with phone without wireless functionality! 

Connecting your phone or tablet to the DECK is super super easy- you turn on your bluetooth, turn on the Deck and search, and pair. It is JUST that easy! And once you're paired you have control over the speaker even from another room (as long as there is no interference- I checked that theory out! And if you want to pair more phones, you just repeat the process! Every pair gets it's own 'light' color, so when that phone is in control of the speaker, it's color light shines in the middle (what looks like silver in the top pix above). So you KNOW who is running the show! Called the Heist feature- I love this feature for those with kids. Think about ti- they can be blasting music you don't approve of and you can be outside their door and change the music, without being seen. You just smiled, didn't you? Yeah you know you did! Check out this cute commercial about it:

But what I really love is that 360° Full Sound - my cell phone has decent sound, but it doesn't project to the entire room super well. Add the DECK and bamm! You can hear it anywhere in the room, and down the hall!  The Outdoor boost button DOUBLES the volume, so you never miss hearing your music! This worked out really great for washing the car! I could put my cell phone and the deck on the back steps, and hit the Outside Boost button and bamm, we had music to wash along to! And it never seems to die, as it has 10 hours of battery life! It actually tells you how much battery life is left, every time you turn it on! Yup, it's that smart! In fact, I've only had to charge it twice since I got it! It just keeps going like a champ! And having a rechargeable built in battery saves you money!

girl outside with deck speaker

I also found a pretty valuable asset to the DECK- using it as s speakerphone in the car! Now the new ride has bluetooth (HOW did I live without that function before???) for hands free use. Which is all well and great BUT for some inane reason, my map app will NOT work with it! So I have to take my eyes off the road, or have my phone up in eyesight level, to see where it is directing me. BUT put the DECK in the car and wa-laa, problem solved! Now I can LISTEN to the instructions, and not be tethered to the phone! AND taking the DECK along for the ride is a good thing- you can use it to play tunes at a picnic, the beach or even for after school activities (Miss Grace is even talking about taking it with us trail hiking, so we can take movies, and watch them in surround sound afterwards at the B&B!). But don't worry about protecting the DECK, as the cool case that comes with it is acoustically transparent! Yup- it will play right through the case, like it isn't even there, yet protect your DECK! SCORE!

I also found using the speakerphone function to be great while working on crafts and cooking, as it allowed me to hear the caller better, without having to be right on top of the phone!  Really there is NOTHING about this speaker that I don't love? I've found myself wanting to carry it everywhere with me, even throughout the house! Once you try it, you'll be hooked! 

With it's one year warranty, it is also a great buy! It's perfect for sending off And while I hate to say it, Christmas IS coming (ONLY 136 days to go!)! The DECK would be a super Christmas present for any tween, teen, coed, or even adult child! The DECK comes in lemon lime and gunmetal colors too! But I have to admit I like the red!

I am SUPER excited that Sol Republic has allowed me to not only review the Deck, 
but to GIVE ONE away too!
I heard you scream, yes I did!


Want to win one of these great DECK speakers?
(please note special restrictions posted after the form)

Giveaway Restrictions: 
Only one entrant per mailing address, per giveaway. If you have won any Sol Republic prize on another blog, in the past 6 months, you are NOT eligible to win again.Winner is subject to eligibility verification from Sol Republic before prize is awarded..

Thanks for reading this post and entering the giveaway!


  1. I like the 360 full sound feature on this, pretty awesome

  2. The Deck with 360 Full sound is great. thanks. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. Wireless so I can take it anywhere

  4. I like how portable and simple to connect it is..perfect to connect to my phone in the car!

  5. I like the 360 sound feature the best.

  6. I love that it is portable/wireless.

  7. My favorite feature is the ten hour battery life. I could really use this when working out.

  8. I like the speakerphone and the battery life.

  9. wireless playing outside or anywhere!


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