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Monday, August 25, 2014

Snackeez Is Your Snack Solution this Back to School Season!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from Snackeez, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

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Ah back to school...

We're thrilled the kids are back in school, but now we have to deal 

with packing lunches, snacks and extracurricular snacks....


But a new item on the market is here to help make packing those drinks and snacks

not only easier, but more fun for the kids! 

snackeez back to school banner

Yup- the all in one, drink and snack container is here to keep you sane!

You know, cause the kids have been BUGGING you for them, since they saw the commercials!

How do I know this?

Check out the reaction when our review Snackeez got unboxed!

snackeez arrival

Yup, Miss Grace was 'over the moon' happy to see a Snackeez!

She couldn't wait to try it out, but I held her off til the following morning
(yes, it was hard, but I wanted to check out traveling with a Snackeez)!

Miss Grace is one of those kids that sometimes will eat cereal normally- in a bowl with milk, other times just dry, no milk. Which is what she decided she wanted to do for the morning before dance class.

So into the Snackeez went the cereal, but she declined milk and wanted juice instead
(hey I was just happy she was eating!)

sbackeez close ups

As you can see the Snackeez holds a good amount of liquid (about 14 oz)- the equivalent of a 5/6 of a standard bottle of water. You do have to allow for displacement, as the snack cup sits down over the liquid. So if you look at the bottom picture, you can fill up to just above the hand holder on the bottom of the cup. I did add a few ice cubes to keep the juice cool to see how long it would stay cool. You just screw the snack section into the cup for a tight seal. The straw has a lip on the bottom section, to keep it in the cup, which is a plus every parent will love! She was able to get one full serving of cereal (4 oz) in the snack container. The hinged, flip-top lid snaps securely shut to keep snacks fresh and in the cup. Trust me, it took a couple of openings by mom, before it loosened a tad, so Miss Grace could get it open easily. 

The end result was that Miss Grace was able to eat her breakfast 'on the run' in the car on the way to dance (we have a 45 minute drive). The juice stayed cold, and her snacks stayed dry! She was VERY thrilled!
Plus the ice melted and she had some extra water! She was so thrilled with her cup that she had to use it post lunch for the ride home too!

The cup is on the tall side, as you can see (as I'm the one holding it in the picture above), and for us, it didn't fit in any of the lunch boxes or bags that we have, so it's out for Miss Grace to take to school.
However if your child has a large bottle holder on their backpack, it might fit!

We've also found it great for snacks and water on the way home from school- Miss Grace is always starving when she gets in the car! It fits well in both the car cupholders, and her booster seat cupholder! Busy adults on the go will love these cups too- you can have your water//iced tea and healthy snacks like grapes and nuts, to keep you have fast food stops!

We have tried upending the Snackeez, and everything stays in it, as long the notch on the snack cup isn't hit the right way! The design is made to keep the liquid to keep from coming out as well. We did have a little leakage, so I just put a water bottle straw cover that I had on it and problem solved! Zero leakage.And busy moms will appreciate that the Snackeez is dishwasher safe, as long as it is placed in the top shelf! It also comes in 4 color variations, so all the kids can have 'theirs'!  

All the kids want these cups and they make great birthday and Christmas present ideas!

sbackeez sweeps banner

Now until Labor Day, Snackeez is giving away FREE cups on their Facebook page
so be sure to head on over and try to win one!

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  1. My daughter wants one of these combo cups so bad! I'm glad it's useful and not just a novelty. The funny thing is I never considered how great it could be for me until you mentioned that! LOL!


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