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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Book Review: the Keeper by Luke Delaney

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The second novel in the DI Sean Corrigan series (Cold Killing) was the first.


DI Sean Corrigan is different to most cops. He’s no psychic, but his own dark past has given him the ability to step into a crime scene and see it through the eyes of the offender. He understands what drives a person to commit murder, rape, arson – but sometimes his gift seems more like a burden.

When the brutally murdered body of a young woman is found in the woods, Corrigan and his team are on the case. But this is not the act of a one-time offender. They’re on the trail of someone who has been taking women from their homes and keeping them captive before disposing of their bodies.

This killer is looking for the perfect woman – and when he finds her, he’s going to keep her. Whether she likes it or not…


Want a book that will keep you up all night, because you literally can NOT stop turning pages? You've found your book! This is a book that explorers the mind of both the killer and the cop hunting him. Delaney's experience in the MPS comes through yet again in this book, with his attention to detail in this book. The details are what will haunt- how simple and easy it is for the killer to operate, how clues can be misread, how what seems like a random clue, could be the clue to the solution. Delaney knows how to keep his reader's attention! If you're looking for a new police procedural series, be sure to pick this one up!

About the Author

Luke Delaney joined the Metropolitan Police Service in the late 1980s and his first posting was to an inner city area of South East London notorious for high levels of crime and extreme violence. He later joined CID where he investigated murders ranging from those committed by fledgling serial killers to gangland assassinations. He spent 16 years investigating and solving crimes. Then he decided to fulfil his life-time ambition to write a novel.

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