> Bless Their Hearts Mom: Epson LW-600P Label Printer Will Help YOU Get Organized This Back to School Season (product review and giveaway)
Friday, September 12, 2014

Epson LW-600P Label Printer Will Help YOU Get Organized This Back to School Season (product review and giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from Epson, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

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I saved the best for last, this year for our Back to School meme!

THIS is the item you will literally use ALL the time once you have one, and wonder how you lived without it!
meet the Epson LW-600P label Printer: 

Now, it's easier than ever to print customized labels — virtually anywhere — with the LW-600P portable label printer. Print labels from your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, via the Epson app! You can use it to print iron labels for kids clothing, date labels for food items, QR code labels, labels to organize cables, create ribbons for gifts, or even labels with symbols or hand-written messages. With the new app, you can even preview labels before printing them!  

The LW-600P can be used with your smartphone's voice recognition program to quickly create labels. Or you can download the Epson iLabel app for iOS or Android devices to use with your smartphone or tablet (or choose from other compatible apps). Plus you can download a desktop app, with even more choiced for making your labels unique! With multiple tapes to choose from (up to one-inch wide) and an automatic cutter, you’ve got all you need for customized labels on the go.

Check out all it's capabilities, before I walk you through a review:

Pretty amazing isn't it? Label printing has come a LONG way from the old punch onto vinyl strips hasn't it?

The first thing I loved about the LW-600P was how quick it was to set it up and start printing:

Epson LW-600P label Printer set up

The package comes with a USB cable and a 2 part power code, as well as a quick start guide.But it is really self explanatory! You add the batteries (yes it requires 6, sigh)., then open the cartridge door, place your label cartridge in place, making sure the end comes out the cutter slot, and push down. Close the door and turn on, and you're almost there. Download the Epson iLabel app, then turn on your phone/tablet Bluetooth, turn on the LW-600P, make sure the Bluetooth sign appears, and then sync the 2 devices, using your phone.

And you're done, took me about 5 minutes total!


To make a label, it is VERY simple. You open the app, select 'original label', then select your Font, color, size, cut length and spacing. I LOVE that the font selection screen shows you WHAT the font looks like, it's sizing and coloration. That is SO helpful when trying to decide which font to use. And there are PLENTY to choose from!

Epson LW-600P label Printer making label 1

Then all you do is type in what you want on the label. If you're done, then you click on the printer button and BAMM, your label is printed and cut! JUST like that! I do love that the new labels are serrated in the back, so you just bend and the two sides come apart! No peeling with a fingernail! YEAH!

Here are 2 sample labels I made just using the basic mode on the left, and then adding a frame and a graphic on the other.

Epson LW-600P label Printer sample labels

To add a symbol or a graphic, it is really easy! You just select original label, then swipe your screen to the left and the additional options show up (see 3rd pix in box below). With the graphics, you can select different categories, like work or life, to find the graphic you want. Can't find one you need? You can even draw one! You can also make a hand-written message! How cool is that? I used that and the frames for labels for crafting items on a small box, as you can see below:

Epson LW-600P label Printer making label 2

A really cool feature is the Save and History buttons. You can save labels you use a lot, so you don't have to keep repeating them (handy for  making iron labels at back to school time!). Or you can go back and view your history to find a design that you used and repeat it, or alter it with different text. Very handy!

The desktop app is almost as simple to use! You DO have to have the power cord and USB cable hooked up to use the printer. If you have a laptop, you can probably Bluetooth, if you have that capability. If you are making a lot of different labels, then the desktop app might be easier. But if you are making a couple on the fly here and there, then the Bluetooth printing is definitely quicker! 

I only had 2 issues with printing so far- setting the margin so I don't have extra tape printing for no reason. For some reason my hold and move isn't working well on the smartphone, but works ok with the tablet. The other issue is every time I print with my smartphone, I have to go back and reset the LW-600P as the printer (which only takes 2 clicks, but it is the hassle that gets aggravating when printing out numerous labels). I think it might be a phone issue, as it's time for an upgrade. 

I have been REALLY impressed with this label printer and can't wait to get some of the iron-on labels and ribbon labels for upcoming baby showers and Christmas gifts! I can't wait to get my craft room ORGANIZED and all the drawers and boxes labeled, using the LW-600P!

And I am SO thrilled that for the LAST giveaway for the Back to School 2014 meme, 
I get to give one of you the same label printer!


One VERY Lucky BTHM reader is going to win their own Epson LW-600P !
The pack will contain:

  • LW-600P Portable Label Printer
  • ~½" (12 mm) Black on White LC sample tape cassette (5m length)
  • User's Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • (1) AC Adapter
  • (1) USB Cable

  • Thanks for reading this review and entering the giveaway!

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