Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Guest Post: Debra Schoenberger Answers the Question: "How do you decide what you will photograph?"

montreal cover

Street photography is the art of storytelling through pictures.  

Capturing a moment unexpectedly requires “being in the right place and right time” as well as perfect framing and timing.

When I see something and the first thing that pops into my mind is “that’s a great story”, or “I find this intriguing”,  I’ll quickly compose and take the picture.  Sometimes seeing something in “real life” doesn’t translate well into a two-dimensional image,  so I don’t keep those shots.   However, an image composed of different story layers captures our imagination,  and keeps us looking for more. 

I have my favourite subjects that I like to look for such as laundromats, barber shops, children and animals,  but when something unexpectedly catches my eye – woot!  then I’m all excited about something new and unusual!  

Click on the links above to see more of Debra's wonderful photos!

Here'e one of my favorites from the Montreal book:

museaum silhouette from Montreal book

Thanks Debra for that great insight!!!!!!!!!

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