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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Re-energize Your Kids Lunches with Help from Save-A-Lot! ( #SaveALotInsiders )

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Ahhh, Back to School.

For some of you it has been almost a month, others a week or two.

Are you tired of coming up with fun lunches already?

Do you dread grocery shopping?

I feel your pain! But I have some solutions for you!

save a lot logo

I was recently asked to be part of the #SaveALotInsiders program, and to see how Save-A-Lot can not only save you money, but provide you with great products to rock your kid's lunches!

have you been to Save-A-Lot recently? You might be surprised by the deals and brands available !
They now have daily deals, like a pick 5 of frozen products for $20 (including some super yummy chicken products!), super deals on produce,  special buys with really LOW prices on things you need like canned veggies or toilet paper and even prices that beat the big box stores!

save a lot specials

How can this be? Because many of your favorite brands actually repackage their products, under a different brand, that is exclusive for Save-A-Lot! Yup, that means you get the same flavor and tastes your family loves, but at a price your budget adores! WHO knew? I was SO surprised when the manager started naming off the different brands! 

save a lot buggy

This FULL basket of items cost me $40 LESS than what I would have spent at the big box store (I went and compared prices!). I don't know about you, but an extra $80 every month, is a huge bonus in my monthly budget! And look at the quality of the food I got for lunches and breakfast (I actually forgot to pull a bag,but there were even more items)! 

save a lot groceries

My mission as part of the #SaveALotInsiders program was to also create a portable snack back-2-school lunch recipe using products from Save-A-Lot. But looking at the great deals I found, I ended up making 3 different lunches, that were all super easy to put together, and that Miss Grace adored, and her school mates were JEALOUS of! You know sometimes, you just have to be the 'cool' mom!

Lunch combination number one, that made all the kids go- "oh cool, like the yellow lunch box things, but better":

save a lot sausage kabobs combination

I cooked the turkey sausage, sliced up some cheddar and provolone (which I cut into circles), then made kabobs on a piece of spaghetti! Yes, a dry noodle! Why? A. no worry about your kid stabbing themselves in the mouth with a toothpick. B. it's edible! Seriously, your kid can eat it, if they are so inclined! 

I then sliced up some carrots and 'surrounded' parts of some broccoli- hence the capturing! Added some crackers, grapes and ranch dip, and Miss Grace had a COMPLETE lunch! All the food groups represented!

The second lunch combination looked a little more like a traditional lunch, but wasn't!

save a lot chicken slider lunch combination

As part of the 5 for $20 special, Save-a-Lot has Chicken Rings that are super duper yummy, and as Miss Grace says, FUN to eat (they fit on your finger)! They are also the perfect size to add to some Hawaiian style slider rolls, to make mini chicken sliders! We started with the ranch dip from lunch number one, and made our own honey mustard type dipping sauce for Miss Grace to put on the sliders when she was ready to eat. Slices of cheddar were also to be added to the sandwiches, but she decided to save them for snack time with her apple! Add some cranberries, graham crackers, and chips, and she had a lunch that easily fit into her standard lunch box, but was fun to eat!

The last lunch combination was another take on the kabob theme, as Miss Grace was so taken with them! 

 save a lotbee kabob lunch combination

I took celery and very thinly sliced a stalk, to be my kabob starter. Chicken nuggets (another great buy in the 5 for $20 deal) alternated with sections of provolone (saved from cutting out the circles) and grapes to make 'bees', complete with carrot 'stingers'. They checked out chicken nugget 'flowers' with carrot slice stamen, and were surrounded by broccoli and celery butterflies! I added some 'Cajun' ranch sauce (a chili ranch based recipe) and she had a fun, colorful lunch, that combined 4 of the food groups in a small container!

The third combination was accompanied by Miss Grace's take on making 'robot crackers'- butter crackers spread with a super yummy Vanilla Honey Butter spread that I found (and our new secret addiction)! 

save a lot smart robot crackers

Each one of the lunch combinations took less than 20 minutes to make from start to finish (including coking times), and provided a break from Miss Grace's traditional roll up based lunch. We both had fun making up different lunch items with other items I bought, as well as different breakfast items, as they can get into a rut as well too!

I hope I've given you some ideas on making edible kabobs, that your kids will not only adore, but are fun and nutritious too! 

So as you can see Save-A-Lot can save you money AND give you quality food!
You can also save MORE money with their Smart Shopper Club:

save a lot smart shopper info

I love getting $5 random coupons, don't you? And it's super easy to sign up- it takes about 2 minutes and can be done right at checkout! You can also sign up online

So head on over and check out your local Save-a-Lot today, you might be VERY surprised at what you find!

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