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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

RugpadUSA if YOUR Source for Happy Rugs and Happy Feet!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from RugpadUSA , for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Ah Fall, you know what that means..

the family will be inside more.

Your house will take a beating, but thanks to a new company, there is one part of your house that you can count on to stay neat and in place!

rugpadusa logo

Most of us have rugs in our house, both for comfort and for looks.

But does your rug have a pad to protect your floors?
If it does, is it all it should be?

Did you know that most prepackaged, mass-produced rug pads are cheaply manufactured and aren't designed to last? When your rug dealer offers you a "free rug pad with area rug", chances are that the "free" pad costs them nothing, and most of them don't even have a warranty at all. Typically, within a few years, these low-quality pads will either fall apart (been there), or worse permanently damage your floor (also been there). Thus, these "free" pads can actually be quite costly, if you have to replace your entire floor, due to an inferior pad. 

RugpadUSA products are different! They are guaranteed to never strip, damage or discolor floors, and come with a 15-20 year warranty! And they are made right here in the USA! Now that is something everyone can love!

The market is flooded with cheap, toxic pvc,  imported rug pads, that can actually be quite toxic to your family, and that can damage certain types of hardwood floors. So RugpadUSA has carved themselves a niche with some great eco options that are safe for your family and your home! Their Eco-Solid and Eco-Cushion Rug Pads are made in Georgia, and contain only eco-friendly fillers (such as plant based oils) and an organic polymer non-slip coating. Their organic polymer coating is made from a proprietary formula that uses a reduced amount of ozone depleting substances and increased amount of bio-based, renewable, eco-friendly materials such as plant based oils and fillers. The soybean oils used in their production replace much of the petrochemical content contained in traditional rug pads. 

rugpadsusa ecocushion rugpad

We were send one of the Eco-Cushions for review. It is thick, dense, & soft, for extra cushioning and support, with a 1/4” thick open weave design. It is made to be used with Hardwood Floors, Laminate Floors, Polyurethane Finishes(water AND oil based),Moisture Prone Areas, Tile (all types), Marble, Heated, Stone and Concrete. Which was perfect as we have a hardwood base floor down right now in our kitchen (which is in the middle of being remodeled), but we'll be putting a laminate down later!

So I was thrilled to find a rugpad that has cushioning to it, as we have a long stretch in front of the sink and dishwasher that we are always on, and that some cushioning could go a long way in helping all of our backs! The rugpad comes in the sizes you need, including runners! It comes rolled up and you just place it where you need it, and then you put it in place. 

rugpadsusa ecocushion rugpad 2

The other reason we really needed a rug pad, weighs about 10 pounds and delights in moving the rug ALL around the kitchen.

Oh yes, it looks SO innocent, doesn't it? NOT...

Especially when you walk into a dark kitchen and trip over the rolled up rug that is NOT where it is supposed to be!  So I was quite interested to see what would happen!

rugpadsusa ecocushion rugpad and cat

As you can see, the results for the humans for wonderful. The cat, not so much. She was NOT amused, and kept rolling and yowling, because the rug would not move! Too bad!

We have all been quite impressed with how comfy the padding is- it is actually a joy to wash dishes now! 
Unfortunately we had a remodeling accident with the normal runner we have in the kitchen, and it is out being cleaner (hopefully!), so I had to use a substitute for this review, which is why, use you can the rug pad edges all along the runner. Our normal runner fits perfectly over the rug pad.

rugpadsusa ecocomfort rugpad

We love this pad, and I will definitely buy their Eco-Solid cushion for in front of the stove, with the smaller rug. It is a step up on the cushion scale, yet also eco sound, with non slip features. It will make standing at the stove very comfortable!

RugpadUSA has pads designed for all types of floors- you can even search by your floor type to make sure you're getting the right one! They even have rug pads for area rugs on carpet (important for kids rooms) and exterior area rugpads that are water proof! And their prices are better than those at your local box store, when you take into account their excellent warranties! 

So if you're looking at getting new rug pads, be sure to check out RugPadUSA first, and buy pads that are good for you AND your home!

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