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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Reduce Your Holiday Stress with Help From the Walmart Suave Hub!

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Ah the holiday season.

Bring on the stress.

It's not just your time schedule and psyche that will suffer- so will your skin, hair and nails! 

Every little bit of stress affects us internally, and shows externally!

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So how do you combat the stress of the season, and keep looking your best?

Here's my top 5 ways to keep looking your best this hectic season
(and really any time of the year!):

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1. Let it go- I mean that in every way possible- breathe and say "No". Stop being the mom that gives 200%, when you don't have time to give even 60%! Prioritize and decide what is important to YOUR family, and let the rest GO (trust me, there will be someone else there who wants to get over stressed!). You might be surprised how much better you feel after you say NO! 

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2. Perfection is NOT a requirement! Your classroom mom cupcakes do NOT need to be mini works of art, your Christmas cards do not need to rival professional photographers', and your table doesn't need to look like Martha came to your house! Being TOGETHER is reason for the holiday- not for oohing and awing over a perfect looking table (cause let's me honest, it is NOT gonna stay that way!). 

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3. Breathe and relax! It seems so simple. But we get so caught up in the holiday to and fro, that we always seem to be on the run, not getting enough sleep, and not spending enough quality down time with our families. Take the time this year and enjoy the wonders of the season together.Slow down and ENJOY each other! 

4. Eat properly! We get so caught up in all the wonderful rich holiday food and sweets, that sometimes we get caught on sugar overload, and miss the nutrients our bodies need to keep us not only regulated, but to keep our hair, nails and skin in healthy condition! Try to eat a veggie or fruit for every sugary snack you eat at the holiday dinner. Have meats and cheeses, besides those candies! And be sure to keep drinking the right amount of water- your body STILL needs it! Keeping a good diet will also reduce your stress levels!

and lastly

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5. Use the right products! Fall and Winter mean more time outside, so use your sunscreen, lip balm and moisturizing lotions, to protect your skin and lips. Even your hair needs more moisture during winter, as constant exposure to dry heat inside depletes it! Using products that contain natural products and vitamins, can also help keep you looking fresh and bright! 

You probably thought I was going to give you a long list of beauty products, right?

You might be very surprised by how much younger and better you look, when you are less harried, stressed and rested! These are just some of my tricks for the busy season, and really for the whole year!  What are yours?

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Walmart and Suave know how busy you are this season too, and they have come together to create the Walmart Suave Hub - the website is filled with beauty tips, advice on using their products, product promotions (like a fun Instagram family selfie contest), and more. Suave is encouraging families to live better every day by offering products for the whole family, all at Walmart, so you can make a one-stop shopping trip AND save money (LESS stress, remember! 

Be sure to sign up for Suave Family Perks online and continue your budget savings, by submitting your receipts to accrue points that you can redeem for Walmart gift cards- perfect for the holiday gifting season!

See how you can live beautifully with savings on Suave products only at Walmart today!

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