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Friday, October 24, 2014

Washington Parish Fair Memories

Official portrait! 

Miss Grace declare the Alzheimer's Assc. Queen to have not only the best car, but the best throws AND the best robe! Stunning isn't it?

And FYI, she caught LITERALLY 2 shopping bags FULL of candy, cups, toys AND beads!

Course this cutie got 2nd place in her heart!

"I caught FROZEN beads!"
SCORE of the day!

The "Me n Papa" official portrait!
We take one every year!


Chicken n bunnies, oh my!

I love this shot- she fell in love with the Nigerian Pygmy Goats and the 4-H'er and her were buddies by the time we left. Take a WILD guess what is probably in my future? Yup you guessed it....

Front of Ms. Alzheimer's convertible....

"That's a HUGE cow mom!"

No words needed....

Da kid met her namesake! And fell for the pygmy goats!
That's a 3 yr old female.

Vote for oldest car in the parade...

Miniature pigs....
NOT in my future- "Mom he's sorta stinky"....whew

Best shot I got of the Fair queen- they raced by and she was surrounded by SO many people!

You gotta love it when the horses line themselves up for a head shot...

Sheep- lots and lots of sheep!

Rodeo Queen. 
LOVED how the shot framed itself!

The other Rodeo Queen singing with the church group. 
Who were singing OLD time spirituals from an original hymn book from the 1800s.
HOW awesome is that for kids to see?

"Please may I have this sugarcane?"

And yes, Papa said yes! 
And then got to carry it around, so it didn't become a Teenage Ninja Turtle Weapon...

Checking out the hand made wooden cutting boards-
brought one home for Meme!

Hope you had fun checking out our pictures!
Next year, hope to see you at the Fair!

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  1. Looks like a really fun time with a lot to see and do.


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