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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wild Things Festival Was WILD!

This past weekend we visited the Wild Things Festival, that was held as part of the National Wildlife Refuge Week, at the Southeast Louisiana headquarters office complex, at the Big Branch Marsh Refuge in Lacombe, LA.

"Wild Things is a showcase of the National Wildlife Refuge System and our area wildlife refuges, and provides a wholesome recreational and educational experience for the whole family", with FREE admission and activities for the kids- put it on your calendar for next year!

Ugh everyone is holding me.....

Doesn't look so big here does he? Miss Grace was ready to give him back when he started squirming!

LONGEST line was for archery! Proof that kids LOVE shooting a bow and arrow!

Louisiana bobcat- he's HUGE! He slept most of the day!
Handler said he likes to ride on their shoulders- can you imagine?

Great activity- open the egg, find the animal and test your knowledge as to where that animal lives- forest, wetlands, marsh, plains.

Gorgeous cypress trees and trails about at the refuge!

EWWW- dissecting owl pellets. Miss Grace found a mouse skeleton head. She was psyched!

PINK hats for the girls- they were thrilled!

Shooting the fire hose off the Marsh boat- oh yeah, 2nd longest line! LOL

Casting at the pon (beware the alligator) was also a fun activity!

Up close and personal!

HUGE - almost as big as the bobcat! Who knew?

Ewwwww- she touched it! More than once!

BUT would NOT hold the tarantula! Go figure...

Checking out squid parts with microscope.
All the kids declared the dissected squids to be "gross".
Go figure!

The kids, 4-13, ALL had a blast and we'll be going back next year!

you can go out to the refuge during the year- they have hiking trails, the ponds, a butterfly garden and more. Check out their website for more info!

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  1. What a fun event it looks like your daughter participated in everything.


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