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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Brave Bracelets Can Help YOUR Child Take on the World! (Product Review and Giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from Brave Bracelets,for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

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I love it when I find out my blog followers are actually business owners, 
who have created unique and needed items!

I love helping out small businesses, especially those that are 'mom made' too! 

So I'm thrilled this Veteran's Day (link 1) to bring you one of your fellow 
BTHM followers, and jewelry designer

Sandy, of Brave Bracelets!

A former virtual administrative and public relations assistant, Sandy has two young children (under age 5) who are her most prized possessions, with her husband "Josh" being her best friend and biggest supporter. They met while she was raising money for injured soldiers (Veteran's Day link 2!) doing national bicycle rides across the country and he was at Walter Reed recovering from an accident (link 3!) He joined a ride, they fell in love, and the rest is history. An entrepreneur at heart, her mommy job comes first, but she never let that stop her dreams of creating and helping others. 

"On my daughter’s first day of nursery school she had started to cry and said that she didn't want to go. I needed an idea to help her in these next few days adjust. The BRAVE bracelet was born,” said Sandy. “The next day, when it was time to go to nursery school, I put a small bracelet on her. I then put a matching one on myself. I told her during the day, when she missed me, that she could look at the bracelet and think of me...that it would give her courage. I told her I would wear one because it would make me brave while she was at school. From that day on we never had a problem. It worked like a charm.”

Brave Bracelet was created exclusively for children and their parents who need a helpful aid to get through all those 'firsts and the moments they need a little extra courage. I can relate 100% to Sandy's dilemna, as the cuff bracelet I still wear is part of a set I got for me and Miss Grace when she started school, with sayings that we always have said to each other, for her first day of pre-school! Fellow moms think alike, but Sandy took her thought national!

Miss Grace has been having clique issues- seriously? Yes! She's in 2nd grade, they only have 36 kids in their combined 2 classes. SIGH. But due to classes not being melded and left together for 3 years, hierachies got developed and there you go- beginning of cliques. Argh. You would think schools would be more aware nowadays, but nope. So the bracelets came in at a perfect time, when she was starting to not want to go to school because of recess issues. I showed her the bracelets and a huge smile erupted on her face! You see she has the movie 'Brave' poster in her room, right by her bed, and I have left it there to remind her everyday of what she needs to be.She had to put it on immediately and wear it to bed! She was thrilled to wear her bracelet for the first time to school on Veteran's Day (link 4!) in "honor of those who were brave and gave their lives for us, and to remind her to be just as brave everyday at school." Sometimes as a mom, you are really proud of your kid!  By the time we got to school I could see 100% change in her demeanor- she had her anti-kryptonite bracelet and was ready to face what ever came her way,

Sometimes we don't think about the little things that can upset our kids dramatically, cause in their world, they are HUGE! The Brave Bracelet provides an easy way to help our children with those dramatic events, like  daycare/school issues, hospital stays, doctor visits, parent's military deployments (link 5!) and other type of parental separations. They may seem simple, but to a child they help turn trauma drama into a self-development experience. And that alone makes them worth any price!

 Each purchase of a BRAVE package includes two adjustable handmade silver-toned metal bracelets with the words BRAVE engraved on them, for ONLY $9.99. The  two adjustable handmade bracelet measure 6 1/2" (fully adjustable) for the Child's Bracelet and 8 1/2" (fully adjustable) for the Adult Bracelet. Each bracelet is designed for durability,  made with chain link, not string, rope or cord. They are easily adjustable with a lobster clasp and extra chain link. You can purchase the set on EtsyOn the day and following days of your child's "first/trying time" both the parent and child wear a BRAVE bracelet.

Sandy also has a blog, off the Brave Bracelet website, that features advice to help parents and children explain and deal with those firsts and difficult times.  She says, “As parent's we know that kids don't come with manuals. Everything is a learning experience. Sometimes we can use a bit of help to get through those firsts.”

Kudos to Sandy for being the 'Mom with a Plan', and starting a super business! We love our bracelets are your child will too! They make a great Christmas present too, especially for kids that may be starting new schools or have separations from parents, after the holidays!


Sandy has been SO kind to send over a second pair of Brave Bracelets,
for one of her fellow BTHM followers to win!

I am SO thrilled to be able to share this lovely set with you!

candy canes

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