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Friday, November 7, 2014

Children's Book Review: The Principle Gang series

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these books, free of charge, from PR by the Book,  for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them.

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We talked about bullying earlier this week 
and I have 2 more books on that topic that are great for kids ages 4-11, 
and that are value-based.

There are No Bullies Allowed in The Principle Gang, a new 6-book series that teaches three important anti-bullying lessons: 1) Don’t be mean, 2) Tell your teacher, and 3) Be a friend. Questions at the end of each book encourage kids, parents and caregivers to engage in thought-provoking conversations about family, friendship, community and fairness. 

We were recently sent books 1 and 2 to check out:

Don’t Judge a Lizard by His Scales cover

Book 1: Don’t Judge a Lizard by His Scales (released Aug 2014) 

Everyone knows that lizards eat flies, but Bli the Fly and Danny the Wizard Lizard are willing to put their differences aside to become the best of friends.

Danny the Wizard Lizard goes on a fly-free diet as he sets out to prove that he is not like all the other lizards. During their quest for friendship, Danny the Wizard Lizard and Bli the Fly encounter the Lousy Lizard Gang, a no-good group of bullies. Danny the Wizard Lizard gives the first glimpse into why he is a Wizard Lizard by exhibiting special powers to stop the bullying that goes on at the movie theater. Witnessing his heroic act, Bli the Fly's mother, Mrs. Fly, realizes that she misjudged this lizard, and Bli the Fly gets her first lesson in giving second chances.
Don't Judge a Lizard by His Scales, Book One in The Principle Gang series by Dr. Dan and Bli Dugi, delivers lessons in anti-bullying, prejudice, and the value of friendships. The Principle Gang series introduces the foundational principles that guide families, relationships, and communities.

Wizard Lizard Rides the Subway cover

Book 2: Wizard Lizard Rides the Subway (released Oct 2014)

The adventures of Bli the Fly and Danny the Wizard Lizard continue as the best friends take a trip to New York City for an anti-bullying conference.

Wizard Lizard Rides the Subway, Book Two in The Principle Gang Series, finds Danny the Wizard Lizard and Bli the Fly receiving positive attention for their mission to rid the world of bullying. In recognition of their great work, Mrs. Gecko, their school counselor, registers The Principle Gang for an anti-bullying conference in New York City.
Enlisting the driving talents of Mrs. Fly, Danny the Wizard Lizard and Bli the Fly make the long drive to the Big Apple for the conference. Before the conference, Danny the Wizard Lizard shows his friends around the city, where they experience speeding taxis, street food, and the subway. At the conference, The Principle Gang shares their three rules to prevent bullying: don't be mean; tell your teacher; and, be a friend. Mrs. Fly, Bli the Fly, and Danny the Wizard Lizard leave the Big Apple having signed up 132 new members of the Principle Gang--a resounding success for their anti-bullying mission!

Check out a video about the series, including the authors explaining how the series came about:


The stats tell us that at least 20% of kids will admit to being bullied, but as parents we know that number is probably a great deal higher. Schools do everything they can to combat it, and when they have a successful anti-bullying program, bullying can be cut by as much as 50%. I'm a firm believer that the increase in bullying comes from the increased media presence in our kids lives, and the lack of interpersonal communication. Add to that a social media presence and the proverbial 'train wreck' seems obvious in hindsight. So books like these that place values on friendships and working together are very important. 

Book 1 is about appearances and not judging 'by the cover', and that is a VERY valuable lesson kids need to learn in this day and age, when social media creates a presence for them, that kids may not want or be part of. Learning empathy is not easy for younger kids, but with patience and modeling, kids will come to that valuable skill.

Book 2 builds on book 1 and brings about the travel aspect of the series, and is more about setting up and maintaining a anti-bullying campaign (the authors have a 'No Bullies Allowed" campaign and starter pack available to elementary schools, who sign up on the website). Reading the 2 books together allows for a continuation of the story from book 1, and kids will enjoy seeing the positive rewards from stop bullying! 

Additional books in the series will be out next year! We highly recommend this series for alll educators, school libraries, and for families!

About the Authors:

Dr. Dan and Bli Dugi have a combined 50 years experience as a physician and physician assistant team. With The Principle Gang series, they have created a way to connect with young children outside of the exam room. They live in Cuero, Texas, with their daughter, Emmy. 

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  1. This looks like a great series of books on such an important topic. Bullying is so prevalent today and I'm sure it affects or has affected nearly everyone.


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