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Monday, November 17, 2014

Let Roaming Reindeer Help YOU Keep the Kids on the Nice List This Year (Product Review and Giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from PR By the book, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

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Back on Halloween, I told you about the NEW solution for keeping the kids in check prior to Santa's arrival, for those of you who wanted to eschew the Elf tradition.

Today, I have more info on the set, AND a lovely Q&A with the author/inventor,Angela Meju,
AND a giveaway and discount code!

I knew I'd get your attention with that!

Let's say hello again to the Roaming Reindeer! 

Roaming Reindeer is a story about two of Santa’s reindeer, Gus and Sam, who see that Santa is overwhelmed with the naughty and nice lists for Christmas. They decide to help Santa by visiting girls and boys. Sam is saddened and runs away whenever he sees someone being naughty. Gus and Sam decide to work together, side by side, to visit each home. Whenever Sam runs away, he should report to Santa, while Gus sticks around to keep watch. When they run out of time to visit all of the rest of the children, the two reindeer decide to enlist their friends in pairs of two to help. They create a system for Reindeer 1 disappear to report to Santa about behavior, while Reindeer 2 sticks around. All of the reindeer leave on Christmas Eve to help Santa deliver the gifts.

roaming reindeer set 2

Aren't they just the most adorable things? I SO love the idea of one reindeer always being there to keep an eye on your child! It really ups the ante, so to speak! And I know many parents who think the 'elf' thing has been taken waaayyy out of context and want nothing to do with it. So this is a really great, simple and authentic alternative!

Now let's talk with Angela!

What was the inspiration behind the book? 
My children were just starting to understand the concept of Santa Claus, and I wanted to write a Christmas book they would enjoy reading year after year.

What kind of research did you do for the book? 
A lot. The children’s book industry is so competitive. To have a book published and be taken seriously, you have to read and know your market. It’s also important to have an experienced editor and illustrations that will help to tell your story. 

How did you decide to include two plush reindeer for families to enjoy? 
We’ve tried other Christmas book traditions in our home and felt that they didn’t exactly cater to our schedules, and didn’t reinforce any positive behavior for children. I know that children tend to be visual learners, so I wanted to create cute, lovable reindeer who were visually identified as being together as a pair. Children associate 1 and 2 together, so if Reindeer 1 has disappeared, it is more of a visual reminder that the two aren’t together. I think that this allows children to be consciously aware of their behavior, while also teaching them about cause and effect. For children with siblings, it is a great tool for working together.

 How does your family use Roaming Reindeer? 
Well, my children were exposed to “Gus” and “Sam” (that’s what our Reindeer 1 and 2 are named) very early on—long before Christmas. Our Reindeer 1 and 2 do a lot of travelling, so we have a lot of pictures of them in various (and sometimes random) locations. My children LOVE to play with the reindeer but we officially start our Reindeer countdown after Thanksgiving.

What are other holiday traditions your family has? 
It is a big event in our family to take pictures with Santa. We actually give out holiday mugs to family members each year with pictures of our kids with Santa. 

 What do you hope children get out of their experience with Roaming Reindeer? 
Roaming Reindeer is not a tool for punishment, it’s an activity to help promote positive behavior. My hope is that children have fun playing with the reindeer and see them as friends who want to stick together. I’ve had parents joke with me saying that they want their reindeer to stick around all year long. My hope is that children will continue with these habits of teamwork and great 
behavior throughout the year.

This was your first book. What was your favorite part of the writing process? 
My favorite part of the writing process was getting to know the characters and their personalities as I was writing. The best feeling was seeing the illustrations and allowing the characters to come to life.

Are you planning on writing any other books in the future? 
Possibly….”wink, wink”

I love Angela's other suggestion- the reindeer can TRAVEL- so if you go somewhere special during the holiday season (like Grandma's house, Lights in the Park, ice skating with the Elves), you can take the reindeer and they can see your child's great behavior there too! Plus you can share where your reindeer have been by posting pictures on social media with them, and using hastag #RoamingReindeer, so all the other watching reindeer pairs can see the fun your family is having!

And now for the stuff you really want to know about!

Discount Code:

The BTHM discount code will be active from November 17-November 27 ONLY, for BTHM readers. Just enter the code ROAM2014 when you order your set, and you'll get $5.00 off the regular price, making it $29.95 (WITH tax and shipping) for these 10 days.


ONE lucky BTHM reader will get to win this lovely Roaming Reindeer book and plush set for their own family!

Thanks for entering!
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  1. this would be delightful and special. Reindeer are always great. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. I want to win to replace that darn elf! This is so cute!

  3. I would love to start this tradition with my boys. jj250@aol.com

  4. I would love to start a new tradition while I still can.

  5. We don't have the Elf on a Shelf so I would love to start this as a tradition with my son.

  6. I like the idea of the reindeer and I think my son will enjoy that

  7. I think the Roaming Reindeer are adorable! I would like to have this for the holidays!
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  8. We don't do Elf. I want to win because the reindeer encourage positive actions and kindness.


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