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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Original Bed Bug Will Alleviate Your Child's Fear of Being Alone!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from Original Bed Bug, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

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We talked earlier today about bullying,
but sometimes it's not the fear that your child has.

It could be a fear of not having their parent with them- be it from work, travel or deployment.

A new product on the market aims to solve both of that fear:

original bedbug 1

Meet the Original BedBug!

This is a bedbug that doesn't bite! 

From the soothing sound of a parent's voice saying "good night" or "I love you" to your child's favorite story read by Mom or Dad, your little one can simply squeeze one of the BedBug’s satin feet to hear your voice whenever they need it most. This snuggly, lovable BedBug is sure to be your child's most cherished stuffed animal and is perfect for anytime your little one is experiencing bedtime anxiety or having a hard time dealing with separation from a trusted caregiver. From sleepovers to camp, or for parents who travel for work or are in the military, this special BedBug makes it easier on both parent and child. With holiday travel about to be upon us, the Bedbug makes sleeping away from home alot easier on little ones!

original bedbug collage

As you can see, the Original Bedbug comes in a lovely package, perfect for gifting! It comes with a lovely letter of introduction from Lori, as well as a Certificate of Adoption! You can date it for a special date in your child's life, like their birthday, or Christmas, and make the gift even more special! The Bedbug is the perfect size for small hands to not only operate, but to hug and squeeze upon, as you can see. The play buttons are well marked and easy to find for even the youngest of children.

Recording is just as easy as finding the buttons to play the recordings! The Original Bedbug can be recorded with up to three personalized messages - two 20 second recordings, perfect for saying goodnight or good morning, and a 3 minute recording, perfect for your child’s most read short story, or a favorite song (yes you CAN have your 15 seconds of fame, at least in your child's heart when you sing their favorite goodnight song!). You just pull out the recorder on the bottom of the Bedbug, press 2 buttons and record. Finish and you're done! I love that the messages can be changed on the fly (like in the car) or daily! AND you do NOT have to be hooked to a computer to record them, like so many other devices! the Original Bedbug is lo-tech hi-tech! And we LOVE it! 

Check out exactly how it works, and the reason why Lori Allen designed the Bed Bug:

The Original Bedbug is made of soft, plush materials you child will adore, and comes in recycled packaging. So you can feel good about it's impact on our environment too! It can be ordered off the Original Bedbug website for only $29.99! To me this is a great price, as you can constantly CHANGE the recordings quickly, to suit your needs of the moment. How many other recordable gifts left you do that? You can check out the Original Bedbug Facebook page for special discounts and for some great parenting tips and resources too!

We recommend the Original Bedbug for all young children and we know once you try it, you'll be hooked too! 

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