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Monday, November 17, 2014

Why Christmas and Books are Magical to Me! ( Put Me In The Story Giveaway #BookMagic )

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this info,  free of charge, from Put Me In the Story, for reader sharing purposes on this blog. I will receive a thank you gift for the post. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about the giveaway or company.

christmas reindeer scary

I was always the complaint kid.

You know, the one who never threw tantrums that brought to mind the need for priests, or brought public embarassment to my parents. 

But when I was in 5th grade, my life was changed by books. I had always been a lover of books, and the library was my comfort zone (is it any wonder I can research like a pro, with all those Saturdays spend in the card catalogues?). But that year there was not 1 but 2 special events, that cemented my love for books for all eternity!

where the red fern grows coverThe first event was writing books in class, for a city wide contest, and my horse book being selected as one of the winners. Now that was pretty cool in and by itself, BUT the winners got to go meet author Wilson Rawls. Of Where the Red Fern Grows- one of my favorite books up to that point! I was over the moon happy!  And it was then that I discovered that meeting the authors of my favorite books was almost as enchanting as reading their books! A new aspect was opened to literature for me! I eventually names one of our dogs Annie, as she was a redbone hound, and was very much like Annie from the book!

the pictoral life of misty cover
So when we read that Marguerite Henry, THE Marguerite Henry of Misty fame, was going to be coming to our town for a book signing RIGHT before Christmas, and my mom said we could go, I felt like I was in seventh heaven. Mom also promised to buy me the Pictoral Life of Misty book at the signing, so marguerite could sign it. I spent the next few weeks re-reading ALL of Marguerite's books and enthralled with all things horse. And then came the day of the book signing. Parents were running late from work, and we were supposed to be leaving town to go to the grandparent's houses for Christmas that evening. Well, with running late, they told me we needed to skip the book signing.

Life stopped.
And I threw a tantrum like never before.

And my parents realized HOW much books, and especially Marguerite meant to me, and decided to try to get there before she left. Now the fact that they caved, tells you how much they not only loved me, but how they saw a means of supporting my decision to be an author when I grew up (author, blogger, it's in the small print..LOL). We made the signing with time to spare and because there weren't many kids left, Marguerite had time to actually talk with me, and we had a lovely conversation. I told her about my tantrum, we discussed how it wasn't the thing to do really, but she understood how meeting her was my true Christmas wish.And then she did the most lovely thing. She drew a Christmas tree on my face page of the book, and added a lovely personalization, about how she wished all my Christmas dreams would always come true, and hugged me like I truly was her biggest fan. 

I don't think I put that book down for 3 weeks. 
And that Christmas is now in our family lore!
Nor has the magic of that moment of a shared love of a story,
 about a horse ever left me.

So it has been with love and happiness that I have taken Miss Grace to different book signings, to meet her favorite children's book authors. To see that same look of love and enchantment, makes me feel like I am passing that kindness and love from Marguerite on to another generation. I have seen that same look of amazement on Miss Grace's face when she gets a personalized children's book, like the ones from Put Me In The Story. They truly bring magic to her reading of books.

Put Me in Put Me in the Story thinks that books change lives, and that the greatest stories create magic for the kids reading them. They are parents too, and they know there’s nothing better than snuggling up for storytime with your kids. Sharing a good book together is about much more than the story – It is about the small moments with your child.

put me in the story book covers collage

They have partnered with some of the world’s greatest characters and favorite bestselling authors, to bring their books to more families, in a fun and special way, via their personalized books. In their stories, your child can assist Doc McStuffins on a house call, explore the world of great women throughout history, suit up with the Avengers, or simply share just how much you love them.

Santa is Coming to My House cover
We love the books from Put Me in the Story, especially their Christmas Santa is Coming to My House book, and I'm thrilled to be able to share a VERY special giveaway from them with you!

Prizes (Drawn December 6th):
·         Grand prize: $500 shopping spree on Put Me In The Story
·         50 winners will receive a free personalized book of their choice

Thanks for reading this post and entering!
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  2. I love the I Love You So Gift Set. But there are so many I would love to get, so hard to choose.


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