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Monday, December 1, 2014

Movie Monday- Rumors of War

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And now for a movie that talks about end of times prophecies,
since we've been talking about new world orders today!

 Rumors of War cover

In the post apocalyptic future, Agent Shaw (Ben Davies, Courageous) works for the only surviving government working to bring order to a world full of decay and violence. Shaw offers little mercy to those that would stand in the way of the government’s edict, that everyone submit to an implanted chip that tracks their movements and purchases. He is certain that those “zealots” that would put their belief in God ahead of the beliefs of society, could lead the world back on the road toward destruction. The zealots need to be eliminated. But his faith is challenged when he finds a small book in the rubble near one of the “rebel” encampments- the diary of young college student named Roxy (Jennifer Cooper), who was at the epicentre  of the chip’s creation years before. 

Her life took a dark turn when she began researching Mr. Zurn (Eric Roberts, The Dark Knight), the man behind this implanted chip. Roxy investigates end-times prophecies and discovers that the events described in the Bible are happening all around her. Years later, Shaw, an agent for the One World government, is hunting down rebels when he discovers her journal in the post-apocalypse rubble. What will he do with this newfound truth? 

Check out the trailer:


First off this is NOT a movie for young kids. Within the first 10 minutes there were multiple shootings and the violence is very much that of a R rated movie. I would say it is for teens on up, due to the amount of shooting and violence in it. Obviously this is part of the story line, but it was a little shocking. as it was unexpected. I would highly recommend watching it with your teens, still however.
There are some wonderful actors in the film, and for not being a major studio film, it is very well filmed, directed and scened. My only drawback was the story line, which got vague at times and left the viewer going "oh wait, we're back in the past", more than it should have. Once you got used to those changes, then the movie isn't as aggravating. 

The theory of the RFID chips being a precursor to in effect world domination and fulfillment of bible prophecies was interesting, and would make for some great follow up conversations with teens (and coeds, when they come home for the holidays). The younger generation typically doesn't think out domino effects as much as the older generation, so the movie does a great job in putting the puzzle pieces together and showing how this story line could really happen for them, in a manner that they can relate to. It would be great for teen bible study classes as well, to introduce them to bible prophecies.

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  1. This sounds like a movie I would like to watch, I had never heard of it before.


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