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Monday, December 8, 2014

The Rockee is YOUR Child's New Best Friend!

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And now for a super fun gift, that is perfect for placing in Christmas stockings!

Have you brushed your teeth?”is something you get pretty tired of saying EVERY day, if you're a parent.

. Getting kids to WANT to brush their teeth is one of the most frustrating things for parents, as we know just HOW important it is for kids to really sink into a solid teeth-brushing habit!

Dentists have suggested that selecting a toothbrush that looks like a cartoon character will make brush-time more fun. Hence why most kids toothbrushes, have cartoon characters on them!  “By making tooth brushing time enjoyable, it’s no longer something children are forced to do, but want to do,” says Julie Cho, DMD. “Incorporating fun cartoon characters and bright colors on appropriately sized toothbrushes for children encourages them to create healthy hygiene habits.

”The Rockee toothbrush from Violife was created with both parents and kids in mind. Kids will look forward to brushing their teeth and parents will look forward to not having to ask. The Rockee features an oval brush head with soft bristles,  and a comfortable, ergonomically designed handle that fits easily into small hands, as you can see below! It is available in a 7 cute cartoonish animal designs and 5 bright colors, so each kid in your family can have a different Rockee! 

We were sent bright pink to check out:

Miss Grace loves her new Rockee and since she started using it, I haven't had to remind her to brush her tooth! aha, IT'S WORKING!

Part of the reason is how much fun she is having with it- the Rockee is designed to always stand upright – it rocks, wobbles and spins, but never tips over. With the unique rocking design and special weight inside, it makes for a fun couple of minutes when your child puts it back on the counter after using it!

It rocks back and forth and then rolls back up upright. Sort of like a pendulum, which Miss Grace giggles over every time! This unique design keeps me from having to deal with messy, toothpaste all over the counter top from her toothbrush that never quite makes it into the holder! Plus it keeps it from falling to the floor! YEAH!

You both will also love that you don't have to replace the whole toothbrush! The Rockee comes with not one but TWO replacement heads for $14,95! The heads should last for 9 months each! Just think how much you will save by being able to replace the headsm and not having to buy new toothbrushes every other month! And you can order more sets of replacement heads (2 for $6,95),  so your kids can keep their fun toothbrush, for as long as they want. It is quick and easy to order online, and Violife makes all sorts of toothbrushes, and toothbrush sanitizers, so you can outfit everybody in the family with super toothbrushes all at one place! They even have a holiday sale going on right now.

So if you are looking for a fun addition to your child's stocking, that is not another toy they'll stop playing with 2 weeks after Christmas, check out the Rockee!

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