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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Children's Book Review: Mean Girl Makeover #2: You Can't Sit With Us by Nancy Rue

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And now for the second book in the Mean Girls Makeover Series,
 just in time for the second half of school!

 Mean Girl Makeover #2: You Can't Sit With Us cover


Bullying doesn’t end in the hallway anymore—with a smartphone or tablet, it can happen anywhere.

According to the Ambassadors 4 Kids Club, one out of every four students is bullied—and 85% of these situations never receive intervention. Parents, students, and teachers alike have amped up discussions on how to solve the bullying problem for a networked generation of kids. 
Written by bestselling author, Nancy Rue, each book in the Mean Girl Makeover trilogy focuses on a different character’s point of view: the bully, the victim, and the bystander. The books, based on Scripture, show solid biblical solutions to the bullying problem set in a story for tween girls.
You Can’t Sit With Us tells the story of Ginger Hollingberry, a new sixth grader at Gold Country Middle School. Ginger has been the brunt of teasing and taunting from the queen bee of GCMS, Kylie Steppe, and her so-called Wolf Pack. Kylie and the Pack favor a new and especially hurtful medium of taunting: social networking. What follows is a candid look into the growing world of cruel cyberbullying, showing kids that bullying doesn’t always end at school—it can now follow you even into your home and torture 24 hours a day.
You can check out the first chapter HERE!

This book is aimed at girls, ages 9-12, and is the second book in the middle grade fiction series for tween girls about bullying, from Nancy. With kids returning to class after Christmas with new phones, tablets and computers, there tends to be an increase in cyber bullying during this semester, so the timing of this book release is wonderful! I don't know about your school, but our school had a seminar for parents about just this topic, before the Christmas break. While kids have taken the Code Promise at school, they frequently don't see social media as part of that equation, and it is something that parents need to address as well. With one out of every four students admitting to being bullied, and acknowledging that 85% of these situations never receive intervention, knowing about all forms is very important!

Do you monitor what your kids post on their social media channels? You should! Active parenting means making sure YOUR child is not bullying or being mean (aka step 1 toward bullying) toward other kids, or their friends. Kids CAN be catty and mean to be 'hip' and in with the 'cool' crowd, but not realize what their actions are doing emotionally to other kids. This book tells the story of that other child, and how it feels to be the picked on one, with no apparent way to fight the social media bullying. Which makes the book required reading for all tweens and their parents! The book isn't 'preachy' but honest, in a way that kids can relate to and understand. 

For us, I'm happy that as a Christian, God is brought into the equation. Even at a Christian school, bullying occurs. But seeing how God's love can be your strength, is a very important lesson for girls to learn at this age, and to help them address the issue. There are some very good ideas in how to handle the bullying, both as kid and an adult, that can help both deal with any bullying. This is a great series and we highly recommend it for anyone with young girls! 
Book three in the series, Sorry I'm Not Sorry: An Honest Look at Bullying from the Bully, will be out in April.

About the Author:

Nancy Rue is the best-selling author of more than 100 books for teens, tweens, and adults, two of which have won Christy Awards. Nancy is also a popular speaker and radio guest due to her expertise in tween, teen, and young women's issues. She and her husband, Jim, have raised a daughter of their own and now share their Tennessee lake home with two yellow labs. Website: www.nancyrue.com Twitter: @NNRue and on Facebook: nnrue

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  1. Why is the child being bullied? Focus on the reason and help to reassure the child that what it is, is nothing wrong with that child. Keep an open communication at all times with the child.

  2. If your child is being bullied, have them tell a responsible adult. Help your child develop a circle of kind friends.

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  3. Your child could say: Just because you say that doesn't mean it is true.

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  4. Make sure your child can tell you about it, and talk it out, and try to understand why the other person does the bullying.


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