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Friday, January 23, 2015

Children's Book Review: Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book, free of charge, from Penguin Publishing, via Edelweiss,
for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

And now for another book coming out in May that would be great for Summer brain-drain time, home schooling, and for the upcoming school year. Or you could make your child learn a new word every day! 

2008 Cover shown above, 2015 cover not available yet


A favorite source of reference among elementary school children, DK’s Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary is now updated and revised to reflect changes in the modern world.

With the addition of 110 new entries—including smartphone, MP3, and graphic novel—the Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary now features over 35,000 words and more than 3,000 images.

Definitions, word usage, examples, and spelling and pronunciation are included, and a comprehensive reference section containing continent maps and country statistics has been updated to include new countries, borders flags and cities making this an essential addition to any home, school or public library.

Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary  sample 1

This upcoming resource is aimed at kids in grades 2-5. As you can see, the book is nicely labeled for kids, with alphabetical listings on the side, for quick and easy locating by small fingers. The illustrations are super bright and colorful, and your child may find themselves just looking through the book for all the cool things that it illustrates! As you can see from the above and below pictures, certain concepts and items are more thorough shown, as way of explanation.

Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary  sample 2

As you can see, each definition includes examples, and guidance such as variant spellings and usage labels ("often cap") are provided where necessary. There is also a reference guide to letter pronunciation at the bottom of each page, handy for younger readers. The book has 960 pages, whereas typical collegiate dictionaries have over 1700 pages, and standard dictionaries have around 2,000. But it covers really the basics that most kids in this age bracket need for general studies! My only issue was some of the simplifications- such as referring to a Sari or a Eskimo parka as 'costumes'  Nope, some explanation needed there. But hopefully as knowledgeable parents you've done some social studies work already, and your kids know to treat other ethnic customs correctly! 

Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary  sample 3

A closing reference section includes a spread for each continent, color images of the flags of the world and of U.S. states, significant data on each state, a chronological listing of U.S. presidents and vice presidents, and common abbreviations. Making this a handy reference guide for elementary ages, but keep in mind you may have to further explain some basics! 

Miss Grace is utterly fascinated with this book and I know she will delight in going through it this Summer, as we pick a word a day to learn! The scientific break down illustrations are already making her want to try more experiments! This is a book that will keep on giving, long after you give it! 

Did you know YOU can sign up for learning a new word every day too? Yup, just click on over to the Merriam-Webster website and you can get a new word every day via email! Plus you can take quizzes and stump yourself! 

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