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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How do YOU #RocktheLunchBox? (Giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, free of charge, from Influenster, via their Vox Box Program, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Ah the proverbial lunch box.

After 6 months almost of school, has YOUR child started complaining that their lunch is getting boring and old already?

If you like to send your kid to school with healthy lunches, they probably have reached that point,
haven't they?

rockthelunchbox logo

Well #RocktheLunchBox is here to save the day!

The Rock the Lunch Box website has pro tips from 4 super companies: Rudi's Bread, Annie's Snacks, Applegate and Honest Kids drinks! Like this fun option from Annie's:

rockthelunchbox sample lunch from annies

Miss Grace declared it a fav, as it had Shamrock bread (St Patty's day IS around the corner!)

Plus they have great user submitted photos and ideas too! 

We recently got our chance to  Rock OUR Lunch box, thanks to a super Influenster Vox Box:

influenster #rockthelunchbox influenster vox box coupons

We LOVE Annie's and Honest Tea, so we knew we'd probably all really like the other great products.

It took a little doing, as we don't have one super healthy grocery store within 90 min of us. So I had to go to a couple different stores, but I was able to most of the products. Whew!

#rockthelunch box influenster vox box rudis bread and half time lunch kit

Rudi's has been hard for us to find, so now that it's being carried at Target (yeah team!), with multiple choices, we can now get a great alternative for Miss Grace's gluten sensitivity! She's been stuck with a naturally made tortilla every day, instead of bread. She was THRILLED to see WHITE bread that won't make her tummy hurt!

#rockthelunch box influenster vox box lunch idea

She's been seeing the new Applegate Natural Half-Time Lunch Kits, but I've held off getting them, trying to stick her to a set diet. So she was uber thrilled to see one come out of the grocery bag (it sorta made being home sick worthwhile-though she wanted to take it to school!). With it's natural UNPROCESSED ham and cheese with Annie's crackers, a Stoneyfield yoKids squeezable yogurt stick and Annie's snacks, it was as if she made it up herself! 

#rockthelunch box influenster vox box products and coupon

She was also VERY happy to see the Honest Kids Berry Berry Lemonade pouches! We've had Honest Tea before, so she was quite happy to find a pouch for her lunch that was mom approved! I was thrilled to see that the brand is also being carried by Target, and they had almost all of the available flavors, which include apple juice, grape juice, tropical tango punch and super fruit (watermelon, strawberry and grape). Miss Grace LOVES the Berry Berry Lemonade and her classmates are already jealous!

We have been a big fan of Annie's Homegrown Snacks for years, and I was thrilled to locate their Snack Mix at a Louisiana owned grocery chain in the larger size (as we tend to go through a lot of snacks with Miss Grace's latest growth spurt!). Their snack mix- full of cheddar bunnies, pretzels,and  butter cracker bunnies. It comes in 4 flavors- regular (which we got), traditional part, cheese, and even pizza! Miss Grace is now addicted to this mix and I feel better letting her have it, as it is organic and much better for her than most processed snacks.

#rockthelunch coupon box

Miss Grace is loving her lunch box now with these new choices! And best of all, you can get your own coupon for these great products HERE, so YOU can #Rockthelunchbox too, for your kids!

#rockthelunch box influenster vox box  annies frozen snack coupon

The one item I was unable to rock the lunch box with was the NEW Annie's Frozen snacks!

Check out the Annie's store locator to see if the frozen products are available in YOUR area, and if they are, then I've got a giveaway for you! Their new Frozen line includes 8 different types of family sized pizzas, 4 different dinner entrees, and 6 different snack products-mini bagel pizzas and pizza rolls!

Yup, one lucky BTHM reader will win the Annie's FREE FROZEN SNACK PRODUCT coupon from my Vox Box!

flashing Win


One BTHM reader will win a FREE coupon for Annie's Homegrown Frozen Snack Item.

Thanks for entering!


  1. Annie's is great. The lunch looks appetizing and special. Leftovers, ahead of the game, kids say. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. I like the sandwiches shaped in hearts!

  3. I like the kabobs made with veggies, cheese and bread.

  4. getting input from the kids and keep it interesting

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  5. I like the being ahead of the game. I find I pack lunch more often if I go ahead when I bring groceries home and prepare the fruits and veggies to eat. In the morning if I have to cut and clean and all that then I am less likely to pack lunch because mornings are so hectic.

  6. I love the idea of taking juice boxes and writing messages on them. I have never thought to do that!

  7. I watched Brighten Up The Lunchbox Suzie, Rudi's®. I liked the idea of adding a reward card in the lunch box. What a pleasant surprise for the kiddo.

  8. I like the one where you make fun shapes.

  9. I liked Suzie's fun shapes and kebabs! Lots of great ideas in these videos.

  10. I like the video showing the fun shapes you can do. Cute!

  11. Heart sandwiches and the kebabs are so cute

  12. I like the idea of getting input from the kids...then packing the lunches yourself...with Applegate deli meats...yum!

  13. I like the idea of getting input from the kids...then packing the lunches yourself...with Applegate deli meats...yum!

  14. I like all the fun shapes in the lunch box!

  15. I like Chloe's tip - write a personal message on the back of a juice pouch.
    Sadie B.

  16. My favorite is the heart-shaped sandwiches & kebobs!


  17. I like the idea of writing a note on a drink box!


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