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Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's Carnival Time, Do YOU Have Your Costume?

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this Costume, free of charge, from Costume Supercenter for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Hear that?


Let me turn it up for ya...

Yup- Mardi Gras is mere WEEKS away!

Do YOU have your costume yet?

Watcha waiting for????/

Yes indeedy, we Louisianans (and Mississippians and Alabamans, I ddin't forget ya'll), love to dress for Mardi Gras- it's like the adult version of Halloween!

But the kids LOVE to dress up too!

So when Costume Supercenter asked us if we wanted to review a costume, Miss Grace was super eager to select a costume from their Fairytale Collection!

. alice in wonderland hip teen costume

Yes, I said teen. My BABAY is now in double digits in costume sizing, which puts her into the Teen category. And she WANTED to look at 'big girl styles'.... (hang on I need a minute...BAWL)

Ok, I'm back, sorry about that....


Teen costumes can be VERY tricky as you can see by looking at ANY costume website.There seems to be very little wiggle room for the pre=teen age, where they no longer want to be princesses with full skirts, but do not need to look like college co-eds either! But I am thrilled that Costume Supercenter has such great options, like this Alice costume, that both parents and kids will approve of. They do have other Alice Costumes, that are more traditional, including some for the boys, if you'd prefer!  

teen hipster alice in wonderland costum 2e
I love that this costume covers everything it needs to, but is cute and does NOT make Miss Grace look like she's 7 going on 22 (ok, maybe 7 going on 13-ackkkk!!)! Whew! Plus we can add a turtleneck underneath it, if needed due to chilly temps!

As you can see, it has a VERY hip look, that thoroughly mirrors the attitude and moxy from the most recent movie version of Alice in Wonderland! That bottom picture above, was Miss Grade admonishing me for not getting the matching gloves already! LOL- they're enroute (the set comes with the dress, leggings, headband, and faux frames only)! She is SO enchanted with this costume that it might just supercede the one she had planned to wear for her upcoming birthday party! 

As far as the fit, Miss Grace is solidly in a 8/10, so I ordered her a size Small/Medium (which said it fit ages 10-12), from prior experience with sizing costumes, As you can see it is a little loose in the top, but with the way she is growing, all that will be required is a couple of stitches for a dart, and problem solved for Mardi Gras. By her birthday? I'll probably be letting them out! The costume also comes in size Medium/Large (to fit ages 14-16). So if you're not sure where your 'new to the teen category' child will land, I'd opt more for the larger size, as it is easier to take in, than to have to return and get a larger size!  As for Miss Grace, she actually has growing room, so we MIGHT be able to stretch the costume to Halloween!

And lucky YOU< Costume Supercenter is running a SUPER (get it?) sale through Sunday. So you can get YOUR swagger on this Mardi Gras season, plus outfit the whole family too. And it's NEVER too early to start thinking about Halloween! Don't forget they have Easter costumes too, in case you need some for your church's bible story play, or if it's time to replace those Christmas play costumes, their on sale! And don't forget their fast shipping!

Yup- you can get your Mardi Gras costume just in time, and at 20% off, plus you can get those last minute Mardi Supplies at 50% off. How SUPER is that???

Coupon Code WINTER Expires SUNDAY, February 1st, It is valid on all Costumes priced $25 or more excluding Clearance and Mascot costumes. Only one coupon code may be use per order. Coupon codes cannot be combined or used with any other offers or promotions. Sale price taken from original price.

So head on over to Costume Supercenter today and see what fun you can dream up for your family!

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