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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Salonpas is YOUR New Pain Reliver! ($100 giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, and giveaway, free of charge, from Salonpas, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Did you made New Year's resolutions to exercise or work out?

How many of you that did, have over done it already, and been in pain?

Keeping those resolutions can result in more aches and pains, than usual, due to the demands of the sudden and new strict regime. Reaching for OTC pills is not always the best, or healthiest, solution. Salonpas is YOUR solution for pain management, with it's full line of topical analgesic products- creams, gels, sprays and patches. 

salonpas product line

By putting medicine right at the site of your pain, bypassing the stomach and liver, Salonpas can use less medicine to deliver an effective dose. “When people self-medicate with over-the-counter oral pain pills, they can ingest inappropriate doses and run the risk of potential drug interactions, which can lead to unintended or unsuspected dangerous side effects, some of which can be as serious as liver failure or heart damage,” says Dr. Sylvia Hesse, a New York based orthopedic medicine specialist. “By relying on topical analgesic gels, sprays and patches for pain relief - without the use of pills - you can be assured of making a safer choice.” And anything that helps keep you OUT of the doctor's office, with today's higher copays, deductibles and prescription costs, is a gem!

The Salonpas products are great for sore muscles, simple backaches, muscle strains, joint discomfort like a stiff neck or arthritis pain, sprains and even bruises! We were recently sent a care package to check out, and within a week we had injuries to do home trials on (Murphy's Law at work apparently):

salonpas review items

Salonpas Pain Relieving Jet Spray is perfect for immediate relief, when you first get an injury. The smaller nozzle helps you to get the spray exactly where you need it, and not all over your clothes or hair! Its menthol provides fast relief with a cooling, soothing sensation (REALLY cold feeling when you first apply it), while the methyl salicylate, and NSAID control your pain, for long lasting relief (up to 8 hours of targeted relief)!  I found that it is super for shoulder injuries, as you can spray it on your shoulder easily, compared to trying to put a gel on yourself backwards and sideways! It immediately freezes your pain and stops it in its tracks. it dries super quickly and has a no drip formula, so it STAYS where you put it! It also is not as strong, as far as the menthol smell goes, so kids will tolerate it better! It is perfect for Miss Grace for spot bobos and mini sprains too, making it great to keep in your travel bag, for on-the go injuries too!

We were also sent the Salonpas DEEP Relieving Gel. It is a product I have used before, with pretty good success for rotator cuff pain and sprained ankles! This clear, non-greasy gel starts to deliver pain relief in seconds, as soon as it is applied! It melts fast, absorbs quickly into your skin, and immediately rushes 
its three active ingredients (camphor (3.1%), menthol (10%), and methyl salicylate (15%)) to the source of your pain, providing deep penetrating, effective relief, for up to 8 hours! Which means you can apply it and head off to work or get a goods night sleep, pain free! You get about 30 applications per tube, making it pretty budget friendly too! We've used it on ALL kinds of pain- shoulder, back, ankle, lower back, arm and shin, to really great success! I'm thrilled that Miss Grace will pick this gel up, when she has a bobo, and is already entrenched in naturally healing!

salonpas patch

Salonpas Pain Relief Patch is the first and only FDA-Approved OTC topical pain patch for the temporary relief of mild to moderate and provides pain relief for up to 12 hours! Its contains two powerful pain fighting ingredients, menthol and methyl salicylate (a NSAID – a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) go to work as soon as the patch is applied and immediately provide relief. I used it on a knee sprain was surprised at HOW quickly it eased the muscle pain and allowed for better movement of the joint! By the time 8 hours was up, the swelling had gone down and most of the pain was gone. I followed it up with some of the gel for overnight, and by morning the pain was GONE! I was thrilled and amazed! As you can see the patch is about 3x4, which cover most smaller injuries. You get 5 patches per box, so you can always have one on hand!

This patch was voted Best New Topical Pain Relief product in the 2012 Better Homes and Gardens Best New Product Awards, so I'm not alone in my thoughts of how great it works!  Something that I LOVE about the Salonpas patches, are how EASY it is to get them open! They have a split back that is not only easy to grip, but like a band-aid, easy to pull apart! This makes it easy to put on yourself in those harder to reach places! 

salonpas hot patch backing

The last product we were sent was the Salonpas Pain Relieving GEL-Patch HOT-L, which is made for larger injuries, like shoulder, full knee, lower and upper back injuries. This new patch using it's Gel Patch technology with two powerful pain fighting ingredients: Menthol for immediate cooling, and soothing and then Capsaicin for long lasting heat, deep penetrating waves of heat and pain relief. Capsaicin, which is actually the actives in chili peppers, is a long lasting pain reliever, providing 8 hours of target relief. The advanced gel patch technology stays in place better than most other patches. It is super easy to apply die to its split film in the center, which you can apply and then pull the sides away, making for easy self-application. Which I did when I put it on my shoulder back for a rotator injury (that likes to resurface when I have a lot to do! Murphy's Law again!). I was very surprised at how long the heat lasted with this patch- it really helped to ease the tension and pain in the injury, allowing me to sleep on the shoulder with no problem! 

Additional products in the Salonpas line include their Original Small and Large patches (with the original pain reliever mix), their Hot Patch (no menthol, only 1 per pack), and their Arthritis Patch (which has the same three pain relievers as the gel we reviewed above). If your're confused as to which is better, cold or heat-remember this simple rule: Cold is best for acute pain or a new inflamed injury, while heat is optimal for treating chronic pain or an older injury. An easier way to remember is the RICE rule for a sprain includes ICE, which is COLD. See? Easy to remember! That simple rule will help you pick the right Salonpas product to relief your pain!

Did you know Salonpas has been in the patch business since 1934? And the company itself dates back to 1847! That's a LOT of years in homeopathic pain relief! Yup, they ARE the original! Once you find out HOW well they work, they will be YOUR pain relief solution too! You can find Salonpas at your local drugstore, box store, and pharmacy, and you can check their store locator, for the closet one in your area! be sure to follow them on Facebook, as they 'award' followers with FREE products! 

salonpas products reviewed 2

And one of you will get some really GREAT free products too:

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ONE lucky BTHM reader will win $100 worth of Salonpas products,
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THREE BTHM commenters on THIS post, will also get a $2 off coupon in the mail from me!

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  1. I have been using Salonpas for probably 25 years or more. I told my mom about them and she swore by them for her arthritis pain. I use them often because I prefer homeopathic treatments for pain.

  2. These would be great for my husband to try and use for when he is sore and stiff from working-


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