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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sometimes You Need Some Louisiana Intrigue in Your Mysteries- Martha Gabour Manuel Can Hook You Up!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these books, free of charge, from the author, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them. 

Louisiana and Politics.

There is no bigger mystery alive than that sentence.

You only have to go back and look at Huey P Long, Edwin Edwards and David Duke, to see where mystification and intrigue comes into play.

The mudslinging in Louisiana political races goes above and beyond anything elsewhere in the country.

Which pretty much means that when you put Louisiana and politics into a book, it can pretty much be guaranteed to be a page turner!

I recently got to read not 1, but 2 books from Louisiana writer, Martha Habour Manuel, that combine both, along with some pretty good mystery!

And since it's ALREADY Mardi Gras season, as Twelfth Night has come and gone, I figured today was a good to celebrate Louisiana!


"Listen to me!" Savannah tried to call out from her hospital bed, but no one could hear. In a coma, she could not communicate the dangers she had discovered as her happily ever after world crumbled around her. While her race for political office had uncovered a web of scandals and lies, it paled in comparison to the darker secrets surrounding her husband, Michael. If she could speak again, would it be too late?


This was a really interesting book- your main character is in a coma, and can't interact with the other characters, except in flashbacks. Yet the author does a great job in bringing her thoughts into the story and keeping you glued to the page, as the story progresses. The roller coaster read will have you guessing and double guessing until the end! The good news is that a few loose ends are tied up in book 2 of the series, Political Treason (keep reading) ! AHA- great way to get your readers to come back and keep reading your books!


In the highly anticipated sequel to Murder on False River, a shooting at the Louisiana State Capitol sends shockwaves through Baton Rouge…and leaves Senator Devereaux’s stepson, Dylan, in critical condition. Not since Governor Huey P. Long has there been a shooting at the capitol, and the already politically charged city is on high alert. 

Is there a sinister plot designed to manipulate and take control of the state of Louisiana? And what is in the mysterious missing envelope that triggered the shooting? When speculation meets actual fact, it’s hard to know who to trust or what to believe. In this fast-paced political thriller, even the ghost of the late Huey Long is rumored to be roaming the halls of his beloved state capitol at night, searching for answers.


This was a great follow up to Murder on False River, with all the loose ends from book 1 getting resolved, along with the new story. Knowing what occurred in book one, this second book was like seeing the second part of a soap opera styled movie. Martha adds some political thriller intrigue into this mix, and you'll be eagerly turning the pages, trying to figure out who is the mastermind. And knowing Louisiana politics, you'll know the true mastermind will be behind many veils and false figures. I highly recommend reading both books back to back, as you get the full story of political intrigue in Louisiana.

About the Author:

From a run for political office, to her days in the cockpit, to leadership of government agencies, Martha Gabour Manuel and her heroine, Savannah O'Brien Devereaux, have both discovered that truth is often stranger than fiction. In her debut novel, Martha invites readers to experience Louisiana's beauty, mystery, dubious politics, and enduring characters, through the eyes of Savannah. Readers are welcome to send comments to: Martha on her website: www.marthamanuel.com

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