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Monday, February 2, 2015

A DIY Bathtub Water Park Will Help Make Snow Days FUN!

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Are you still snowed in?

With 6 more weeks of winter on the way (per Groundhog Phil), you'll probably have more snow days on the way...

SIGH, I know.

How about a fun activity that you can make up in advance, and then be able to use on those snow days, that will give YOU at least 20 minutes of peace, while the kids play, contained in the tub?

Yup, I knew I'd get you there!
Read on!

Is bath time always a struggle, or is it a relaxing time with your kids? 
Since it's something you have to do every day, why not make it fun for you and the little ones? It's as simple as turning your bathtub into a water park.

I went to Home Depot and spent $20 on PVC pipe and joints. It's a relatively easy project, but requires power tools. The kids will have fun putting it together, but you will need to get it started.

DIY Bathtub water park ingredients

 2 ft. section of 1 in. PVC pipe

 90° elbow

 45° elbow

 Tee joint

 4-way Tee joint

 Cap

 Strainer

 Funnel

 Plastic tubing

 Suction cups

PVC pipe comes in a variety of sizes. Just make sure the all the pieces fit together. If you buy 1 

in. pipe, you will need 1 in. fittings.

cutting pvc pipe

Using a miter box saw, cut the pipe into four pieces. I purchased two feet, but you can buy as much pipe as you want. Build your water park based on the age of your kids, the size of your tub and how elaborate you want to get. Don't forget your safety glasses when working with power tools!

smoothing pvc pipe 1

smoothing pvc pipe

To make sure the cut edges are smooth, file the ends with a bench grinder. If you don't have a power one, just use a regular file.

drilliing pvc pipe 1

Each pipe will need a suction cup so it sticks to the shower wall. In order to attach the cup to the pipe, drill a hole in the center with a drill press and bit. 

types of connectors

Finish with a reamer bit to smooth out the cut hole.

putting in pvd holes

pvc and acetone

UCP codes and manufacturer info is printed on the pipe. You can easily remove the writing with a rag and acetone. Be sure to use acetone in a well ventilated area.

connecting DIY bathtub water park pieces 1

Now for the fun part! While they bathe, your kids can build and rebuild their water park in as many configurations as they can imagine. There is no right or wrong way.

Cut the plastic tubing in sections for pouring or draining. Use the cap to plug up an opening; the strainer will create a shower effect.

sinished DIY bathtub water park pieces

A funnel and plastic measuring cup keeps the water flowing! It could be the start of an engineering career.

Your kids will have so much fun; they won't want to get out of their bath.

And remember, NEVER leave your kids unattended in the tub!

About the Author:

Interior designer and DIY crafter Merri Cvetan writes about her home crafting projects for Home 
Depot. To view the power tools and power tool accessories that Merri used to create her bathtub 
water park, you can visit Home Depot's website.

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