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Friday, February 20, 2015

Book Review: The Perils of Pauline by Collette Young

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book , free of charge, from Aster and Blue, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it


Life seems "picture perfect" for Army veteran Pauline Parril--a solid career, a loving (though slightly absent) husband, two adorable young children. Perfect that is, until the usual Friday meeting at the office ends with a termination letter. As Pauline navigates the difficulties of unemployment, she finds the handles of her world turning upside down. Her estranged daughter, Serenity, returns home with shocking secrets. Her husband, Donald, is not at all who she knows him to be, and a handsome stranger opens her eyes to the complex worlds of poetry and temptation. 

 In this uproarious female comedy of just how one event can change the course of...well everything. The Perils of Pauline follows an intrepid every-woman as she marches through the pressures of building the "perfect life," finding there's actually more to discover about yourself than you dreamed, and constantly answering the scariest question of adulthood: "What now?" 

 Written with zest and a keenly observant eye, author Collette Yvonne bursts with wit and knowing familiarity at every turn. The Perils of Pauline is a no-holds-barred, uproarious portrayal of a woman faced with making uncomfortable decisions just when life had seemed so comfortable. 

Fans of women’s fiction won’t want to miss this fun and frantic romp of a novel that deals with kids, husbands, lovers, and life all with one giant lick of a pet-repellent smeared ice cream cone.


This is a hilarious book that all moms will be able to relate to.as far as dealing with issues you don't expect (isn't that the key core concept of motherhood?), while appreciating those they can't (Pauline being an Army vet). This is a very modern story and it is great to see a lead character who is both strong (she plays hockey!),. but still can make bad decisions. But the tale is in how she gets out of them and ends up making better choices in the end. We've all been there- left or right, which is best? We all like to think we'd make the right choice, but as we know life isn't perfect, and sometimes we DO make the wrong choice. But there is always a way to turn it around, as Pauline shows us.

This book is perfect for reading with a cup of coffee while the snow storms outside. It will make you forget your life while you escape to Pauline's! It would also make a great best friend or Mother's day gift!

About the Author:

Collette Yvonne has written more than 150 articles published in Ontario's Dailies. Her short story, Snapshots for Henry, was made into a short film directed by Teresa Hannigan and received a 2007 Genie nomination for Best Live Action Short Drama. More of Yvonne's short stories, including From the Cottage Porch and Wild Words 2010 appear in published anthologies.

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