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Friday, February 20, 2015

Cookbook Review: The Juice Bar by Parragon Books

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book, free of charge, from Parragon Books, via their Book Buddies Program, , for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

And now for a book that can help you keep those New Year resolutions (you know those pesky little things you may 2 months ago? LOL)

the juice bar cover


Give your body the boost it needs with a mouth-watering drink from The Juice Bar. For breakfast, power-up on slow-release energy, with drinks such as Muesli Motivator or Berry Kick-start. When you?re thirsty, rehydrate with, a cool, ice-packed Raspberry and Watermelon Crush or Minted Melon Squash. If you?re getting set for sport, a quick energy shot from fruits that are high in natural sugars, such as Blueberry Blast or Peach Energizer, is what you need. There are vitamin-C-packed drinks to help you fight colds, herbal remedies to purify your body, and tummy soothers to cleanse the system and aid digestion too. Bursting with facts on the health benefits of different fruits and vegetables, tips on how to get the most from your juicer or blender and ideas for decorating your glass to glam up your drinks when entertaining, this book will help you squeeze every last drop of goodness from those fruits and vegetables!


This book has 80 recipes that covers everything you need from a morning breakfast on the go, to a pre-workout snack, to a dessert smoothie! It is divided into 6 sections:
- The Juice Bar- which tells you all about juicing and which are the best veggies and fruits to use, and why
- Jump Start- breakfast and pre-workout juices and smoothies, these are the ones that give you all the nutrients your body needs for the day
- Rehydrate- great for after workouts, or after some healthy outside time, these juices refresh you, give your body what it needs to replenish itself, and includes some great recipes for kids
- Energy- also goof for pre-workout or to get you thru the day, these recipes are the uber juices
- Health - these smoothies and juices help to replenish and give your body needed minerals, there are also great recipes for kids
- Detox- need a cleanse? these recipes are for you

So all your needs are covered from A to Z!  There are great full color pictures for every recipe, so you know what they should look like. But the best part of the book is it teaches you to mix your veggies and fruits, to come up with combinations that fit YOUR needs!

Miss Grace gabbed the book when it came in and instantly was entranced with the

  Up the Anti Smoothie

Looks YUMMY doesn't it?

here's the recipes
up the anti smoothie recipe

Now we didn't have any avocados, and to be honest, that ingredient sorta freaked Miss Grace out, so we substituted banana instead.

As you can see our results came out pretty darn close in looks! And Miss Grace was thrilled to find out that Mom's Iced Coffee maker could be used for an alternative purpose, for HER. LOL. It was a pretty good smoothie and she decided she wanted to make them into frozen pops. So we made a second batch, and were able to make up 5 frozen pops, from it and the left overs from the initial batch So if you're looking for a healthy alternative to kids's frozen pops, check this recipe out! Then head on over and check out the book- it's perfect for the entire family!

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