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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Walker Shortbread is Now Gluten-Free!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, free of charge, from Walker's Shortbread, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them.

I recently shared with you how Walker's Shortbread could make YOU the star of Valentine's Day, and today I'm back with a NEW Walker's Shortbread product that will ROCK your world, if you are gluten-sensitive or glutern-allergic!


walkers shortbread gluten free line

Yup, Walker's Shortbread is now in GLUTEN-FREE!

I KNOW the angels have been singing since these cookies came out!

They have not one, but THREE varieties: Shortbread (regular), Chocolate Chip and Ginger and Lemon. So there is a flavor for all tastes!

We were sent a box of the regular Gluten Free Shortbread to check out.

walkers shortbread regular versus gluten free 1

Can you tell which box is the Gluten Free one, of the 2 that were shipped to me?

Hard to tell isn't it?

Take another look:

Hmmm...both cookies have the air pockets that denote lots of butter and flavor, both look like they will melt in your mouth (from the aforementioned butter) and they both look equally appetizing, don't they?

Still stumped?

walkers shortbread regular versus gluten free 3

How about this one?

Yup, the ONLY way to tell which cookie is which (prior to tasting that is), is by size. The Gluten Free ones are just a smidge smaller in height.  That's it!

Now as to the taste, which I can handily avow are beyond yummy, as I'm eating one from Miss Grace's stash, aka where she thought she hid them from me, as I'm writing this post, they are indeed excellent. And here is why:

Yup- only 7 ingredients, ALL of which you can read, and KNOW what they are. Course they are British, so corn is listed as Maize, LOL. But the recipe is not any different from any of the Gluten Free recipes we've made up for Miss Grace! And that is something you can LOVE and be happy to serve your kids.

The cookies have that same melt in your mouth taste, but they have a higher sugar coating, so you they almost start to taste like a sugar cookie, before the shortbread taste sets in. Miss Grace called them a 'Snickerbread", as they reminded her of a cross between a snickerdoodle cookie and the traditional Walker's shortbread cookie. I'd say that is pretty accurate (and why I'm not above sneaking one out of her stash). I did break the rest of the cookies in half, and then put in a container for her, as a. as you only get 6 per bag, and you know how kids are and b. half a cookie definitely settles a sweet craving you may be having, and a whole cookie is too much for Miss Grace at one time.

We are in LOVE with these cookies! They are definitely a well researched and delivered addition to the Walker's Shortbread line! Trust me, once you try these new cookies, you'll be hooked like we are and needing to load up your pantry with them!

You can  even order them online thru the Walker's Shortbread website, if you can't find them locally! Be sure to check out their special President's Day FREE shipping offer that ends 2/22 (make sure you're on the US site for that), so you've got all week to place a combined order with friends and family, so everyone can get the Gluten Free Walker's Shortbread. 

The Gluten Free cookies would make an excellent gift idea for Easter or Mother's Day too, so keep them in mind!

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  1. Looks like a great product! I wouldn't have been able to guess which one was gluten free and which one was not.


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