Book Review and Giveaway: Teaching Kids to Think by Darlene Sweetland and Ron Stolberg

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I hope you enjoyed this morning's Guest Post from Darlene and Ron!

Now, here is their latest book AND a giveaway for it!


Why Do Kids These Days Expect Everything to be Given to Them?

Today’s kids don’t know how to read a map. They can Google the answer to any question at lightning speed. If a teen forgets his homework, a quick call to mom or dad has it hand-delivered in minutes. Fueled by the rapid pace of technology, the Instant Gratification Generation not only expects immediate solutions to problems—they’re more dependent than ever on adults. Today’s kids are being denied opportunities to make mistakes, and more importantly, to learn from them. They are being taught not to think.

In Teaching Kids to Think, Dr. Darlene Sweetland and Dr. Ron Stolberg offer insight into the social, emotional, and neurological challenges unique to this generation. They identify the five parent traps that cause adults to unknowingly increase their children’s need for instant gratification, and offer practical tips and easy-to-implement solutions to address topics relevant to children of all ages.

A must-read for parents and educators, Teaching Kids to Think will help you understand where this sense of entitlement comes from—and how to turn it around in order to raise children who are confident, independent, and thoughtful.

This is a book that ALL modern parents need to read. Period. Why?

Because there are so many more 'parent traps' for us to fall into, thanks to modern technology, and the push for uber competition in our kids. Unlike when we were growing up, time is short for many families, and because they feel so rushed and on the go, there is less time to allow kids to make their own decisions and face the consequences thereof for them. Even if you thinking you are monitoring media and TV usage well, not doing your kids projects for them, allowing them to have their own friends and not interferring with those ups and downs, you may still be guilty one 1 of the other parent traps, through innocent wanting the best for your child.

The book is an eye opener in just HOW much childhood has changed since I was a kids. To me it was SO shocking about how much our kids are learning in what really comes down to basic survival skills. Think about that for a minute. If there is no tv, video games or internet, how well do your kids cope? Could your kids read a PAPER map to get them to their location if their gps and cell phones aren't working? What is their allowable waiting time level? You might be surprised to find you child in the pages of this book! I know I was!

Admittedly, Miss Grace is on the early fringes, and that is because being a child of divorced parents, she has one set of held fast rules at one house (ours), and a really loose set of rules at the other (which is VERY typical), which allows her to start setting some of those parent traps into motion. This book showed me where those paths are going and seeing where a serious co-parenting discussion is needed about hardening up those slack rules at the other house, to remove parent traps and to keep her on course to not being a typical Millennial 'me me me me" child.

DO yourself a favor and pick up this book if you have kids or grandkids. Read it and pass it on- if we can get all our family and friends on the same page, we can get a group of kids who will break out of the norm, and be the true leaders of their generation!

About the Authors:

Clinical psychologists and international speakers, Darlene Sweetland and Ron Stolberg have decades of experience working with children and their families as well as consulting with teachers, counselors, and administrators. Dr. Stolberg has worked as a psychologist on reality TV shows, such as CBS’s Survivor, and with high-profile professional athletes around issues of performance and substance abuse, speaking internationally about these topics. Dr. Sweetland is the coauthor of Intellectual Disability and Mental Health: A Training Manual in Dual Diagnosis.You can connect with them on their webpage, and on Twitter (@Teaching__Kids), You Tube, ( and Facebook ( ) as well. 

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  1. Teaching them to observe, comment and see things from their own perspective. Going to a park, a walk and looking at things. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. When kids face a challenge, help them brainstorm some different choices or solutions.

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  3. Teaching kids to be themselves and stand up for what they believe. Not always follow the crowd.

  4. Explaining to them how things work.


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