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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to Make a Great Birthday Party EVEN Better!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, free of charge, from Hot Looks,  for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them.

When you have a birthday party aimed primarily at pre-tween (shudder with me) girls, you know, like the eternal first slumber party, that you have to bring your A game.

Thanks to Hot Looks, we were able to increase the fun at Miss Grace's birthday party this past weekend with three great products that all the girls have been clambering to try!

hot stamps collection

I don't know about you, but I must have heard 60 times, "Mom, I gotta get those!", every time the commercial plays for Hot Stamps ! 

hot stamps collection

Hot Stamps are a fun, new glitter hair stamp that add pizzazz to your hair for any party, sleepover, competition, or school dance/prom. They come in four dazzling styles, in 2 different sets, including Cool Blue Stars/Hot Pink Hearts, and Purple Peace Signs/Crystal Silver Flowers. 

hot stamps collage

The Cool Blue Star was the hit of the day for obvious reasons (it blended with the party theme), plus it showed up really well on all the kids hair. The pink heart was more iffy. You do have to squeeze the glitter down the tube and then press onto your hair to get the design. Be careful not to squeeze too much, or your design can be 'globbish'. Hot Stamps can last all day or all night, until you brush them out, or if you itch your head during the party! LOL, which is why I had limited pictures, as we placed them and the kids literally took off for the next activity, running hands through their heads (they're kids), and me sighing! the leftover glitter did comb and wash out quite easily. They are a fun activity for girls to share with their friends, and would be a great addition to their Easter baskets too! Retail: $10.00

hot designs nail designs 2

Another fun item the girls couldn't wait to try was the 2 packs of  Hot DesignsNail art is huge right now and everyone loves creating their own unique look.

hot designs colors

We were sent both packs- Basic Beauty (red, white, blue, black, brown and green) and Glitz and Glam (yellow,purple,solver,pink, orange and peach)- to try out. These pens are perfect for the creative, artsy girl. These dial-sided nail art pens have nail polish on one side and a fine-tipped pen on the other for precision drawing.

hot designs nail pins

These unique nail pens allow you to brush on a base color, then pop the top, and create amazing designs using the innovative and revolutionary metal pen tip. While the pens state they are for all ages, as you can see, we ran into some problems with both the green and black metal tips getting pushed in when the younger girls pushed down on them by mistake. So after some messy mistakes, a consensus was reached to use MY nails as a sample palette.....

hot jewels designs

As you can see, some of the girls did better with the tips, than others. Squeezing just the right amount was harder for the 8 yr olds, but easy for the teens. As you can see the colors are bright and work well over any base color. The kits also come with a bonus Design Guide that provides you with creative ideas and inspiration to create your own unique designs! I would recommend them for the 12 year old and up set, or for younger kids with adult supervision. Another fun Easter gift basket idea too!  Retail: $14.99

And finally,as pre-tweens the simple basic water tattoos aren't quite as much fun as they used to be,  and there is a new solution to this dilemna:

hot jewelscollection

Hot Jewel are the latest body jewelry to hit the market! Metallic tattoos have swept fashion blogs and runways as the new, hot, fun, celebrity beauty trend. 

There are four Hot Jewels collections—Tribal, Feather, Classic, and Love, so everyone can get their own unique look. 2 new collections- Weave and Royal will soon be available too!
hot jewels collage
The tattoos were super easy to apply- you just cut from the sheet, remove the plastic cover, put where you want them, cover with water, remove the paper backing, and waalaa, you have what looks like jewelry, until checked up close! the kids adored mixing and matching the sets to create unique looks and styles (arm cuffs were a big hit)! The tattoos lasted longer than we thought they would and most of the kids removed them at bath time! Even the adults were impressed and started thinking about when THEY could wear them too! 

 Hot Jewels are a great idea for slumber parties, but also great for traveling-no more worrying about carrying expensive jewelry- just take a pack of Hot Jewels and have instant jewelry that takes up very little space in your carry on! Summer camp is coming up- these would be a great addition to any campers bag! Retail: $9.99

flashing Win


3 Winners will each win ONE of the products posted above, 
perfect for Summer and sleepover fun!

Thanks for reading this post and entering!


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  2. My daughter and I would love the Hot Designs nail set. It looks like fun!
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  3. I would like to try the hot jewel tattoos

  4. The Hot Designs Nail Art would be our favorite!



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