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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Zidders- A New Way to Bid on Products Online and WIN for ONLY 99 Cents!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received info on this site, from Zidders, for a monetary fee, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about the website

Love to bid on items online, but want something a little different?

How about auctions that are ONLY 99 cents and always have FREE shipping?

Welcome to:


Zidders is a premier online bidding website. 
What sets them apart from other bidding websites you know and love, is that they never increase the starting auction prices. The auctions start at 99¢ and winners never pay more than 99¢ for a winning bid! Period. 

Best part- ALL items are 99 cents with FREE shipping!


 To win an auction, you just have to be the LAST person to bid on a product, when it closes, and you win at only 99 cents. The key to remember is that when someone else bids, the time starts over again! That is where multiple bids come in handy! You can use multiple bids to keep trying to be the last person in line (when was the last time being LAST paid off for you?). You can also set the website up to auto bid for you, using their Smartbid function, for as many bids you set up.


The Zidders auctions start every day at 3 pm (just look above for some of the great SPRING items you could win!),  and since the website began they've had over successful 500 auctions! To make winning even easier for you, they ‘close’ bidding after a certain amount of bids are placed on an auction. These. Fenced Off auctions then allow no new bidders to enter, affording participating bidders a better shot at winning the items they want, by having less competition!

Sign up to Zidders now, and you get 10 free bids, complete your profile and get 10 more. That gives you 20 bids. without having to do very much! Those 20 bids can be used on 'Starter' auctions, that have lower limited amount of bidders, so you have a greater chance of winning, to get you hooked on using the website (in a good way of course!). You can buy more bids, in packets of 50, as many times as you want (with any accepted credit card or Paypal).


Lost an auction? You still have a huge opportunity top save on that item, with a Buy it Now price. Then when you buy the items, all the bids you used to try to win it, are returned to you! So you can go off  and bid on other items! Easy peasy!

Be sure to follow Zidders on Twitter and Facebook, for more opportunities for FREE bids, buying special, and notices about when new auctions go LIVE!

So remember, 99 cents and free shipping! 
o head on over to Zidders today and see what YOU can win with those FREE bids!!

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