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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Children's Book Review: Joseph and the Colorful Coat by Elbe Spurling, writing as Brendan Powell Smith

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book, free of charge, from Skyhorse Publishing, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Sticking with our religious theme for the day, I have a new kids book that will really get the younger kids (especially boys) reading a favorite bible story!

Joseph and the Colorful Coat brick bible series


The famous story of Joseph and his coat of many colors makes its LEGO debut as part of The Brick Bible for Kids series! Joseph was the undeniable favorite of Jacob’s twelve sons, much to the jealousy of his brothers. One day, Joseph’s brothers took from him a colorful coat that had been given to him by their father, threw him in a well, and sold him into slavery. The eleven brothers then told their father that his favorite son had been killed, presenting him with the blood smeared coat as evidence. Despite this betrayal, Joseph becomes a very powerful man in the community.  Years later, when Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt to ask for food, will he forgive them for their past wrongdoings or hold their sins against them?

Joseph and the Colorful Coat  sample page 1


The book is aimed at kids ages 3-5, but Miss Grace LOVES the Lego movies and cartoon series, so she was instantly hooked on the book, and it's fun, totally engrossing pictures! The book is great for a early reader, with it's simple language, as well! Getting kids engaged in bible stories in these modern days of interactive media is a battle, and this book will surely get your kids engrossed in the story, as they search out all the nuances in the pictures (the emotions on the Lego faces, the costumes, etc)!

Joseph and the Colorful Coat sample page 2

Even adults will be entranced and have to go through the whole book! Which means it can be a family reading night book!

If you're looking for some great books for the kids to read over the Summer, for family bible sharing, or to share with your students for Sunday school, check out this new book, that comes out TODAY!

The Brick Bible series for Kids features 6 books so far, this book and these 5:

brick bible series books

Note- the books are NOT official Lego merchandise, but tributes of a kind.

Here's a little about Elbe's inspiration:

"..in college I studied ancient Christianity, Judaism, and the Bible. When I first read through the entire Bible for myself I often very surprised at what I was reading, and I kept saying to myself "I don't think most people actually know what's in this book." And that seemed like a bad thing since so many people believe it to be the word of God ...that's where my motivation came from to make the content of the Bible better known so that people's beliefs would be better informed,..my desire is that people gain accurate knowledge of the Bible's content, so in my projects I try to avoid the sorts of "rewrites" of the Bible you find in most other illustrated Bibles. I directly quote scripture and cite chapter and verse. I'm all for people reading the Bible directly (as I did) to gain that knowledge" 

About the Author:

Elbe Spurling, writing as Brendan Powell Smith, is the author of five other books in The Brick Bible for Kids series as well as several adult books. She has produced over five thousand illustrations retelling over four hundred stories from the Bible. Her next work is based on The Book of Mormon. You can visit her website at www.brickbibleforkids.com. Smith lives in Mountain View, California.

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  1. The unique "illustrations" will definitely help to keep the kids interest.


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