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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Finder is YOUR Solution to Finding Influencers for YOUR Product!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received info on this program, free of charge,from Buzzole, for blog posting purposes on this blog. I will be compensated for it's posting. I was not told how to post about it, and all opinions are my own.

So you have a great new product, book or ebook, that you want to get promoted.

But you don't have a big promotion budget. 

How do you get your product out there, without hiring a promotions firm that can't give you much on your low budget?

I have a solution for you!

buzzole finder logo

Finder is the NEW search program that a llows companies, like yours, and other agencies (like PR firms) to search for media (and therefore promotion) influencers by topic, location and skill set. With more than 2 billion online profiles, including Twitter accounts, Facebook, personal blogs and websites, in Finder already, you are sure to find the right influencers that YOU need!  

Finder is so easy to use to find social media influencers, no matter what type of promotional or media campaign you are looking to run. And because you can narrow down your results, in less time than it would take you to research 4-5 websites, you can have hundreds of potential influencers at your finger tips! 

And it's super easy to join Finder- you just sign in with your Twitter account. No fees, no credit cards. Just one little sign in okay. And no more passwords to have to remember- you HAVE to love that!

Check out how easy it is to use:

buzzole finder start search page

Once you sign in, you get taken to the search screen above.

To begin to search for the best influencers for your product/cause, you just need to write a keyword reference to your brand/cause in the search bar (i.e. cuisine, fashion, photography, tourism). For an even more accurate search you can use the "Advanced Search" options to narrow down the responses. You can also check witch Language you want your potential influencers to speak (say if you were selling in Canada, you may want English AND French influencers).  

For my test run, I pretended I had a new summer outdoor game for the family that I wanted to promote. So I started with a basic search of "outdoor games":

buzzole finder search result page

After hitting search (enter key), I got a preview of the report with just 5 results, that I could look at on screen. 

buzzole finder search 5 results page

As you can see I got 3 bloggers/media influencers and 2 companies. Which is good, but not quite what I wanted. At this stage you can eliminate any results that aren't relevant, or interesting, and then see the entire report by clicking "Create a report".

Finder helps you to narrow down the influencers that are better for YOUR needs with their filtration and organization systems. The filters include: 

- Max Followers: filters the influencers based on the maximum number of followers they have, and shows them in descending order
- Gender: filters the influencers according to gender (male, female, both)
- Skills: filters the influencers based on their skills and skill level 
While the Organization levels include:

 - Leaders: organizes influencers who have the most followers in your identified cluster from top to bottom, or most to least
- Lovers: shows the users who follow the leading influencer in the identified topic at the top of the list
- Connectors: puts the influencers who have the highest number of relationships and connections among themselves at the top of the list
- Emerging: shows the users who in the last 3 months have gained importance and have begun to influence their followers in your specific topic at the top of the list 
- Favorites: These are your favorite influencers, who you can choose in the research stage by clicking on the star 

So for my list for what I am looking for, this was the top of my list:

buzzole finder search report page

So with my completed report (which I can also download as a PDF to keep for future uses (or to download into an Excel spreadsheet), or to print out, I can view all of my returns and then quickly interact (mention, follow, etc.) with the social profiles of the resulting influencers, (Twitter, Facebook, blog, website), from the same screen. I can then email the influencer directly from the screen. Easy peasy. Now I have 3 potential stores to get my product in, and 35 media influences to speak to about sharing about my new game. All within 10 minutes!

And here is what the search and results look like in real time:

So as you can see, if you need to find a way to get your brand or cause out in the realm of social media influencers, there is a quicker way to find them, with Finder!
You can sign up for the free account, and check out the system, and then upgrade to a professional plan, once you realize how well the system can work for you! So check it out today! Once you try it, it might be your new source for influencers!


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