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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

First Communion: A Pictoral Odyessy

miss grace behind the altar

We were blessed this Easter Sunday to have Miss Grace make her First Communion!

It was so special to have the blessed even in the same church where her parents were married, and she was baptized, as well as to have the same officiant, who is a dear family friend and moving on to a different church in NOLA next month, so it was his last 'big' event at the church, which made it even more special!

Having had my special rites at different churches, in different states, it was wonderful for me to see my daughter supported by parishoners who have known her since before she was born (they prayed very hard for us to have her brought into our lives!).

miss grace  first communion dress and rosary

The dress, aka The Saga

My First Communion dress was too big, my mother's was too snug ("I can't breathe!"), she outgrew not 1, but 2 extra long white dresses we had. SIGH. The hunt began, and we both adored a dress that was a bit grown up, but still very girly and sweet.

And then it arrived and I realized it had matching embroidery to her Baptismal gown (which was the same one I had worn, and had been ordered from France!). Meant to be!

miss grace baptism

Look how little she was, and SO intent on everything Pastor Bob was telling her, even then!

miss grace  first communion dress and rosary 2

The Veil

With my dress and my mom's out, the matching veils were too. And then Papa saw THE veil in a catalog. Yup. Irish shamrocks. Did you hear the angels sing? LOL

miss grace first communion veil

The it arrived and the child declared it not 'Irish' enough. AKA, "Mom, it needs some dance bling". Sigh. 

miss grace first communion veil bling

Second search ensued for matching lace with bling to cover the headband....

miss grace first communion acolytes

The Acolyte Robe

In the Lutheran church, the candidates for First Communion where acolyte robes, as they are assisting in the service, upon the altar. No problem. Except that the ones the church had were all waaaayyy too big for Miss Grace and her fellow candidate, as normally the kids are at least 11 when they make their First Communion. Our kids were allowed to earlier, due to their religious training. So new robes had to get ordered and came in at the last minute (of course, Murphy's Law). 

miss grace first communion acolyte robe

Well oops, while Miss Grace's robe fit her correctly in chest width, it needed the arms shortened 8.5 inches. Seriously. 8.5 inches. The extra 2 inches was for fire safety while lighting candles! There's like hardly any arm left! LOL And 2.5 inches on the bottom hem (which I actually may need to lower a tad after seeing it on with proper rope cincture. SIGH). So guess who was sewing and ironing Friday night! LOL

miss grace first communion acolyte


miss grace first communion reading

Miss Grace read for the first time during a service! She was SO nervous, especially with the PA system having gone out, but she used her vocal training and was loud and clear! 


candidates and pastor first communion

Job well done candidates!

Final Thoughts:

Yes dear?
That was wine?
Yes it was
It tastes sorta yucky
(Smile) You'll get used to it
(SCORE- that will keep her out of the wine cabinet , for a few years....LOL)

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