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Monday, April 6, 2015

Help Celebrate National Autism Awareness Month!

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Autism Awareness Month in April! 

Did you know that it is estimated that 1 in 68 births (1 in 50 boysresult in autism spectrum disorder? T

his means that more than 3.5 million Americans live with this disorder today. 

What can you do to help raise awareness? 

- Place the NAAM logo badge on your blog, Facebook profile,Twitter page or other social media site! 
- Share your personal stories of how Autism has affected your family or friends. 1 in 68 means you know at least 1 or more people in your circle of family and friends, that is coping with Autism.

- Support local efforts to raise awareness through special events, like fundraisers like walkathons.

- If you have a child on the Autism spectrum, especially if they have been recently diagnosed, you may want to attend one of the TACANOW Coffee Talks, on April 23rd, where you can learn more about Autism. You can also check out some of these great resources:

Both of the following books above talk about Crucial Things You need to Know About Diagnosis, Doctors, Schools, Taxes, Vaccinations, Babysitters, Treatment, Food, Self-Care, and More.

From what to do when you first suspect your child might have autism, to coping with the first diagnosis, following up with comprehensive evaluation, pursuing education and treatment (including getting insurance to cover treatments, legal issues and Medicaid pros and cons, Where to find other parents of children with autism, how to handle bullying, and even handling marital stress and divorce, these are books that every parent of a child with autism needs.

101 Tips for the Parents with boys with Autism cover

101 Tips for the Parents of Boys with Autism 
By Ken Siri

In 101 Tips for the Parents of Boys with Autism, you will learn about navigating puberty with your son including issues such as personal hygiene, inappropriate touching, and sex. Parents of boys with autism contend with many unique problems due to increases in size, strength, and aggression as the boy ages. How do you keep both yourself and your son safe when he is suddenly twice your size? 101 Tips for the Parents of Boys with Autism has the answer.


101 Tips for the Parents with Girlss with Autism cover

101 Tips for the Parents of Girls with Autism  
By Tony Lyons, with contributions by Kim Stagliano

Parents of girls with autism also face particularly unique challenges. In 101 Tips for the Parents of Girls with Autism you will learn how to deal with troubling issues such as periods, birth control, and the risks of sexual abuse. Both Mom and Dad will learn which menstrual pads work best and why the ones with wings just are not them. And how exactly do you get your daughter to actually start using them? 101 Tips for the Parents of Girls with Autism has the answer.

About the Authors

Ken Siri, also the author of Cutting-Edge Therapies for Autism, is the single parent of a boy with autism. He is the founder and president of Consilium Global Research, a Wall Street advisory firm. Ken is active in the autism community in New York City, where he and his son reside.

Tony Lyons is a book publisher and the parent of two girls, including one with autism, and is also the author of Cutting-Edge Therapies for Autism. He lives in New York City.

autism sourcebook cover

The Parent’s Autism Sourcebook A Comprehensive Guide to Screenings, Treatments, Services, and Organizations
By Kim Mack Rosenberg

For the parents and families of these children, having support is vital. But the search for the right information can be difficult, and it may be even harder to find the time for the research that is needed.The Parent’s Autism Sourcebookbrings that information to you, offering families of children with autism

Whether you are concerned about finding the right school, possible treatment options, methods for social interaction, or are just looking for the support of other parents of children with autism, this book can help you find what you need. The resources gathered from across the nation in this comprehensive sourcebook include information on evaluation and screening methods, specialized doctors and clinics, schools and social groups,potential treatments and interventions, legal services and consultation, and more.

Raising a child on the autism spectrum can present unique challenges for parents. Finding the resources and support they need shouldn’t be one of them. The Parent’s Autism Sourcebook will help families everywhere.

About the Author

Kim Mack Rosenberg is the president of the New York Metro Chapter of the National Autism Association and previously served as its vice president and treasurer. She is the parent of a fourteen-year-old son on the autism spectrum. She graduated from Carleton College with a BA in political science and received her JD from Case Western Reserve University. She is a contributing editor and chapter author of the book Vaccine Epidemic. Both individually and on behalf of organizations she represents, she has lectured and advocated on local, statewide, and national levels on issues concerning autism and vaccines. Kim lives in New York City. 

Disclosure / Disclaimer:  I received this info, free of charge, from Skyhorse Publishing for blog posting purposes.No compensation,  monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post/review. Nor was I told what to say, all opinions are my own, and yours may be different.

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  1. I had no idea one in fifty boys had autism. Those are staggering numbers.


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