Friday, April 17, 2015

Recipe Weekend / Cookbook Review: Gluten-Free Flour Power by Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book, free of charge, froW. W. Norton & Company,
via Edelweiss, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Gluten-Free Flour Power  cover


At last, delicious gluten-free recipes that work.
Aki Kamozawa and Alex Talbot make their living devising clever solutions for the culinary world’s toughest problems. Bringing years of experience in professional kitchens—and countless hours experimenting on their own—they maximize flavor, texture, and taste.
When they realized the need for smart alternatives to the present forms of gluten-free food, they rose to the challenge.
Their answers are here, based on three all-purpose flour blends (for soy, dairy, and corn allergies) expressed in over 90 recipes.Gluten-Free Flour Power is the indispensable cookbook for home cooks who recognize the value of having reliable, easy-to-make, delicious recipes in their repertoire.
Starting with their original flour blends, Aki and Alex provide perfected gluten-free recipes for deliciously fluffy blueberry muffins, rich triple chocolate cake, hearty spiced pumpkin waffles, chewy chocolate chip cookies, and much more.
They create foolproof recipes that are right at home on the family dinner table: bacon and onion tart, homemade pizza, and cheesecake.
Innovators at heart, Aki and Alex also develop new dishes like homemade doughnuts with buttermilk brioche, seamless ravioli with pepperoni bolognese, and kimchi cavatelli, each dish reliably gluten-free and certifiably delicious.
But this is more than just a cookbook—it is a book of ideas. Readers will learn Aki and Alex’s easy tricks for boosting flavor at every turn: using tapioca starch to get that perfectly thick texture in homemade ice cream; adding potato starch for light, crispy, fully-flavored fried chicken; or transforming biscuit and cake batters with toasted milk powder.
With fully illustrated step-by-step instructions accompanying nearly every recipe, Gluten-Free Flour Power belongs right next to the cutting board and the mixing bowl as an essential tool in the kitchen.
Forward-thinking and entirely original, Gluten-Free Flour Powerwill change the way you plan everyday meals, whether or not yours is a gluten-free kitchen.
250 color photographs

WOW- just when you think Gluten-Free cookbooks have reached their zenith- this book comes out and knocks everybody else out of the ballpark! no matter what your allergy needs, they have a flour mix that WILL work and give you some pretty AMAZING baked goods! Gluten Free baked good, no matter how good the recipe, always seem to taste a bit 'off'. like something is not quite right. But the recipes in this book have solved that problem through better chemistry- the authors found ways to add back in flavor and texture, with ingredients and different, to get rid of the 'not quite right' taste. You truly will have food that will fool people- they will have NO idea the great tasting dish is gluten free! Which means you have recipes you can serve your entire family, any time, no matter what the occasion! I heard your scream of joy! Which will be redoubled when you try the Crunchy Upside-Down Bacon Corn Bread (our personal fav), the Snickerdoodles (seriously almost as good as grandmas), or the fried chicken that will have your family wondering if you gave up Gluten-Free, it's THAT tasty!

If you are new to Gluten-Free, or if someone in your family is Gluten-Free, you NEED this cookbook! It is the one to start with, so that you know how amazing Gluten-Free can BE! And with Mother's Day and Father's Day right around the corner, it would be perfect for gift giving as well! 

Since we visited France yesterday, I thought I'd share a French recipe from the book, that was one of my favorite cookies as a child, and that I never thought I'd see a great Gluten-Free recipe for!
Gluten-Free Flour Power  lemon sables recipe

About the Authors:
Aki Kamozawa is the coauthor of Ideas in Food and Maximum Flavor, and in 2011 shared, with her husband Alex, an IACP Award for Instructional Culinary Writing with Recipes. Together they run a culinary consulting business from their home in Bow, New Hampshire. Check out their blog, Ideas in Food, for more inspiration! 

H. Alexander Talbot is the coauthor of Ideas in Food and Maximum Flavor, and in 2011 shared, with his wife Aki, an IACP Award for Instructional Culinary Writing with Recipes. Together they run a culinary consulting business from their home in Bow, New Hampshire.

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