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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Easter Weekend Fun

This weekend Miss Grace had 2 egg hunts.

The first was a charity hunt organized by the wonderful ladies of Northshore Parent. All proceeds benefited Northshore Families Helping Families, and Miss Grace picked it out of all the hunts, because "it helps those who need help". Sometimes you just gotta pat yourself on the back for raising a caring kid! 

The second was at church- I'll share those pictures later this week!

egg hunt anticipation


egg hunt anticipation 2

easter eggs on bench

Ready, set.....

egg hunt 1

egg hunt 2

egg hunt 3


egg hunt results

opening eggs from hunt

Tickets for Loot!

easte egg score

the loot

The Loot....

wining loot

The haul....

How to Freak out the Easter Bunny....

AKA, how to get a picture of the "I'm too old to take a picture with Easter Bunny" kid, with the Easter Bunny... 

Mom:1 Kid:0

easter egg remainders


little girl with egg remainders

Too cute to pass up....

Right after this shot Miss Grace gave the little girl one of the rare rubber duckies she has been hunting for. Sometimes children's spontaneous generosity can blow all the adults away....


  1. these are such cute pictures - you do know how to capture the essence of the moment.

    1. Thanks so much! Been working on that!


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