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Friday, May 15, 2015

10 Key Lessons for Raising a 'Top Dog

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Since we're visiting the dog house today, we wanted to share this info with you!

Milk-Bone and its partner Canine Assistants—a renowned school for training service dogs (a program we are very partial to)—have just released their “10 Key Lessons for Turning Your Dog into a 'Top Dog.'” They have also put the lessons into a fun and informative infographic- Check it out (click to view larger_!

Admit it, some of them sound like you're training a child- LOL:

DOGGY DO #1:  Teach Don’t Train
Instead of training your dog to “sit” and “stay,” for example, teach him to synchronize with your demeanor so he will be calm when you are.

DOGGY DO #2:  Find the Fun
Play tug-of-war with your dog, letting him both win AND lose. Playing in this manner will make him more responsive to you.

For more on all 10 lessons and the Milk-Bone-sponsored Canine Assistants program—which has trained over 1,500 service dogsfor people around the country, please visit http://sharethecare.milkbone.com/


  1. I appreciate this. For some reason my 6 year miniature poodle has started on this barking "binge". She will bark at a truck going by for example, but then just won't stop. She will continue to bark for what seems like forever and nothing I do seems to help. I will try to remain calmer and see if that helps her. Great info here!


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