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Friday, May 8, 2015

Book Review: Memphis Ribs by Gerald Duff

Summer is officially 2 weeks away for us, and the grill has already gone through 2 racks of ribs, so it's only appropriate to share this latest novel, released this week...


It’s May in Memphis, and four bloody murders occur on the eve of the International BBQ Contest and the Cotton Carnival: a conventioneer is stabbed at an ATM machine, a gang leader and his girlfriend are executed, and a wealthy local businessman is killed in his own home while his bodyguard is napping outside the door. It’s up to homicide detective J.W. Ragsdale to solve these seemingly unconnected crimes without scaring away the tourists who are arriving in droves. That’s not going to be easy. Ragsdale’s investigation pits him against a crack-dealing gang in the midst of a bloody drug war, a Memphis BBQ king struggling to hold on to his crumbling empire, a shotgun-wielding assassin, an East Coast mobster with a taste for BBQ and the blues, and the newly crowned Maid of Cotton, who will do anything to keep her tiara.


This book is part of a set that is being reprinted by a different published, so while not new, it may seem new!

This is a fun romp through Memphis that will leaving you pining away for ribs and ribs and ribs! Anyone who had lived in a tourist city, knows what it is like when they descend for large festivals- it can be a boon, interesting, but sometimes not so nice. The humor in the book will have you chuckling (rob an atm, buy removing it? that's a new one!), and the convoluted Southern 6 degrees of separation will have you shaking your head (unless you are from the South, then you'll be nodding in appreciation). The result is a perfect mystery novel, full of Southern traits and food, that will leave you longing for fishing by the lake in lazy Summer heat, and wanting to read more of the J.W. Ragsdale series! . Take this one with you to the beach for an enjoyable read!

About the Author: 

Duff grew up in two parts of Texas: the petro-chemical area of the Gulf Coast, and the pine barrens of Deep East Texas, which made for two-mindedness and a bifurcated view of the world, as he demonstrates in his fiction. His characters are deeply rooted both in the past and in the present, and they struggle fiercely and comically in a quest to achieve escape velocity from places which are not their homes.

Duff has worked as a hand in the oil fields and the cotton fields, as a janitor, a TV camera man, a professor of English, a college dean, and as a bit actor in television drama. He has made up stories all his life and written wherever he’s been. He’s still doing that.Check out his website for more info

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